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On this blog I will slowly tell stories about my life, each being represented by a song. Sometimes the song itself and its lyrics will represent something for a story, and sometimes the song just reminds me of a memory. Either way, it will be a series of songs, that I love. I will try to post every day. You won’t love them all, but as best by one of my favorites, John Denver, “Some days are diamonds, some are stone.” Hope you enjoy this as much as I know I will. I will also occasionally write mystery articles, with playlists, or news, or whatever else feels fun.
Duffy Anderson

Update: This blog is morphing slightly from its original plan. I am placing value more strongly on the memories and less on the quality of the song. I still will not add any songs I dislike, but just because a song is silly or dumb, no longer means I won’t add it.

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Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid


Did social media really begin in 1984? The event that made you FEEL. - Schaefer Marketing ...Please read the previous post for background. So now, we have set the scene. Stockings poured out on the couch, we have picked through them and are setting impatiently eating candy. Staring out on the Sierra’s of presents that will come crumbling down at the drop of a hat, but most importantly at the gold wrapped present set apart from the others, knowing that they will be the first and the best. None of that saves the best for last nonsense for us. After several minutes of eating and chatting we grow impatient, and both turn towards the stairs. Dad in the kitchen making coffee and bringing it up. He heads back down and laughs as we look like we are going to explode waiting on the queen to ascend from her throne and grace us with her presence. We wait for what feels like forever until I hear light footsteps and see Bernoulli crash down the stairs in front of her. She turns the corner wearing pajamas, hair a mess, but a beautiful sight to see. Nothing clouding my eyes from a beautiful Christmas morning. This song reminds me of that moment. Mom, wearing pajamas, hair in chaos, coffee in hand. She turns the corner, feet first, then heads, and finally her eyes look out on Finn and I. A small smile. It’s really Christmas.
By Duffy Anderson

Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer by Johnny Marks


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer DVD Release DateWhen I was young and would awake on Christmas morning, my brother and I would rush to the living room in our brand new pajamas, a gift we always got on Christmas Eve. When we entered the living room we would look about. Hanging from the mantel was scooby doo and reindeer hooks, holding stocking that my grandmother got made for us, with our names engraved in them. Underneath were two presents wrapped in gold paper, and in fanciful cursive written on a small name-tag was Finn and on the other Duffy. As I scan my eyes past the fireplace, sitting to the left was a large tree decorated with lights and ornaments of every color. I think back to the moment days ago when my brother and I fought over who got to put the nutcrackers on the tree. Deep down we both knew I only wanted to because he wanted to, but grew to love it. Below the tree was a mountain of presents to compete with Everest. The rule was that we could open our stockings, but no one could start presents until mom was downstairs (because dad was, as always, up at dawn). Stockings poured out on the couch, we enjoyed the morning.
By Duffy Anderson

Pie Jesu by The Ayoub Sisters, and Royal Philharmonic


Pie Jesu - Various Artists | Credits | AllMusicThis Sunday was the first Sunday of advent. The theme for the first Sunday of Advent is hope. I didn’t think much of it or feel very hopeful after church or the sermon, but then last night as I was doing my computer science homework I was listening to cello music, and this song came on. Now I later looked it up and apparently, the song is religious. The version I heard had no words and was just cello, so I don’t know how I could feel that uniquely religious hope but I could. Upon hearing this song I felt hopeful. It reminded me of the summer before senior year when I went to a young life camp. I was at a decent place in my life but was still often struggling to be happy. Right before I went to camp, I said to myself, “Look up child, it’s a beautiful day.” That became my motto. Whenever life held me down, I would just remind myself, that no matter how bad I mess up, as long as I survive, in the long run, it doesn’t matter. The sun will still rise tomorrow. Whenever I got overwhelmed, I would say to myself, “Look up child, it’s a beautiful day.” I would take a moment, a deep breath, and just let the trouble melt away because all that really mattered in the world I couldn’t mess up anyway. This song was a special kind of hope. A lost past leaves more room for hope in the future. Optimism is seeing hope where others see fear.
By Duffy Anderson

The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel


Simon and Garfunkel's Sounds of Silence Turns 50 ...This is less of an anecdote and more of a pet peeve. I found over my short while on this earth that I am comfortable being friends with and rarely dislike people, as long as I feel they are being honest with others and themselves, and also that they can listen. I know that I sometimes struggle with this, but when someone speaks I do my best to listen and act upon those words. I talk too much, I am aware of this, and when I’m rambling I don’t expect you to listen to it all, but more than anything if you are going to react to my words you must first take the time to hear them. If you don’t want to listen to me when I speak, that fine I can learn to be okay with that. But it drives me crazy when someone hears the first five words out of my mouth and then goes into their own head to try and solve the problem and does not listen to the rest. I just figured out that this is what upsets me, probably more than anything else, and wanted to make a note of it here. I will try and get back to the normal theme tomorrow, but I just wanted to say to everyone out there, before you offer advice, or go to fix a problem, wait for them to finish speaking and hear what they have to say.
By Duffy Anderson

I'm a Boat by The Lonely Island


LWB Production - Page 2 - Rennlist - Porsche Discussion ForumsWhen I was in elementary school, once a year we would take a trip to Oregon to stay with my cousins for a couple of days. When we would take these trips, we would also take a day or two and drive to my aunt and uncle’s house(Wynn and Jefe). They lived in a floating house on the Columbia River, as a part of Tomahawk Island. When my family, immediate and extended, would take these trips, it was almost always during the summer. When we arrived everyone would throw on their swimsuits. The aunts and my mother would lounge about on the back deck. The rest of us would swim, kayak, or paddleboard. With every trip to Wynn and Jefe’s house, we would take a boating trip, a trip to the small nothing but beach islands that would pop up all up and down the Columbia. We would take the big boat, and because it wouldn’t go all the way to shore, we would get really close, and then everyone would jump off the boat into the water and swim to shore. The island was the perfect size for me and my cousins to run up and down the sand dunes or to run up into the handful of trees and play tag. Those were some of my favorite family trip memories.
By Duffy Anderson

Plastic Hearts by Miley Cyrus


‘Plastic Hearts’: Miley Cyrus Announces Her Seventh Studio ...I wanted to pick a song to showcase Thanksgiving 2020. I was going to pick Country Roads by John Denver, because at 10 pm after the whole family had been celebrating for a while. In the heat of the chaos we decided to play music and I recommended John Denver. Directly after asking Alexa for John Denver radio, Country Roads begins to blast through the overhead speakers. Almost everyone sings along, and those who don’t are quietly laughing at the wholesome pandamonium. I, however, did not pick that song, A) because there is already so much John Denver on here, and B) because Hunter played this song in the car a little while after thanksgiving and I liked it a lot, it will definitely remind me of this trip. I really enjoyed Thanksgiving. I ate too many appetizers and too much dinner and ended up feeling super sick. After about an hour the feeling passed, and I yet again began to contribute to the absolute bedlam. Directly following dinner, we decided it would be fun to play the name game. Everyone wrote names down and threw them into the bowl, then we split into four teams, knowing who was gonna win the second the teams were made. As the night went on, and the game went on, brain cells began to deteriorate, and the game got less organized and more chaotic, and eventually just stopped working. That is when the game ended. The night carried, on and on and on. Everyone over thirty crashed by 11 but the youth seized the night. I eventually fell into the bed, and into a deep sleep, at 3:45 am. I loved this year’s thanksgiving. I loved the spirit of the season.
By Duffy Anderson

Hoes Come Easy by RJ


RJ - Hoes Come Easy - YouTubeWhen Mai Thi first arrived from Germany, and we took one of the first weird drives to somewhere where the destination didn’t really matter(which we did a lot). Mai Thi said she wanted to pick the next song so we handed her the aux, auxiliary cord for those out of the loop. She played a song called Hoes Come Easy by RJ, and everyone was a little shocked not knowing what we were listening to, but when the chorus played and this interesting little German girl sits in the middle seat singing, “I give no Fs, hoes are easy.” Which no one realized, until days later, aren’t even the words to the song. It didn’t matter that became Mai Thi’s song. After a handful more car trips, whenever Hoes Come Easy would play the chorus would arrive and we would all scream in unison. Even when Mai Thi left to go back to Germany we would play the song and sing along and send her recordings of us singing on Snapchat. The song always brings a smile to my face. Reminding me of Mai Thi. 
By Duffy Anderson

Everything I Wanted by Billie Eilish


Song Review: “everything i wanted” – Marquette Messenger“I had a dream. I had everything I wanted.” Whenever I start to have a rough time, I take a deep breath, stop doing everything, and take a moment to acknowledge that I have everything I could ever need. Many people don’t have this, and I most definitely didn’t earn it. I am thankful for my dogs and my school. I am thankful for my sanity and my health. I would like to take a moment to thank my parents for giving me these opportunities, and their ancestors for giving them those opportunities, and those from who my ancestors, at some point long ago, took those opportunities from. I am not lucky, I am privileged. Thank you for giving me these things.
By Duffy Anderson

Out of my League by Fitz and The Tantrums


Out of My League - WikipediaThis song reminds me of this one day near Christmas, a time where Mai-Thi and I decided we wanted to bake cookies (If you don’t know Mai-Thi read the two previous posts). We went into the kitchen and spent hours making the dough and baking them. I made a double batch because I always make a double batch. It wasn’t anything particularly special, but something about that day made it wonderful. At the same time, Kailey and I had recently been talking a lot about trying to throw a nerd rager. She was kind of in a weird relationship with one of the nerdy boys from our school, and we thought it would be super fun if we could throw a party with just us and them. Now the nerds at my school aren’t like your normal nerds. They are just a group of boys who are really smart and don’t have the need to be anything but that, but on top of that, they were attractive and decent social skills which are uncommon for nerds. Someone out there might get angry at me for classifying them as nerds because obviously there were kids at my school who were totally social outcasts and just loved their games and school, but these boys were the face of the operation, they made the rest of the nerds approachable. Now Mai-Thi and I were talking and I brought up how epic it would be if we could have a nerd rager, and Mai- Thi says, “What are they going to do, play with their calculators and Rubix cubes.” This is most definitely the funniest thing I ever heard Mai-Thi say, and she often said funny things. This is my most prominent memory from that day baking. I could keep going but this post is already getting quite long. I miss you Mai-Thi.
By Duffy Anderson

Wake up in the Sky by Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, and Kodak Black


Listen: Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, and Kodak Black drop 'Wake Up In The Sky' - AXSJunior year a student at my school got a foreign exchange student, I am not sure exactly which student got the exchange student, and throughout the year she got traded around a lot so we often felt like she might be running out of days, but Mai-Thi was one of my best friends that year. We were constantly trying to have fun, but also give her the American, the Californian, but even more the Ventura Experience. We would frequently go on “chicken nugget runs,” in which we spend an unholy amount 0of time just in the process of getting chicken nuggets. One evening, on a Friday, after a chicken nugget run, we decided that part of the Ventura experience, at least from our perspective, was marina after closing. So we picked up our chicken nuggets at about 9:30 and got to marina park by 10:00. The park is closed, but the key to going there at night is to go straight down to the beach or up in the lifeguard towers. We were sitting atop a guard tower watching the lights from oil riggers sway on the horizon when Mai Thi plays this song. I don’t listen to the radio anymore, so dumb teen music is never overplayed in my world. “Wake up in the sky,” which in all honesty, looking back, isn’t a great song, but that day in the tower we were laughing and hanging out, and this song only made it better. There is something about being cold but feeling safe and fun. It’s as if you could never be really cold, because even when you’re freezing your laughing about it, so your mind and heart stay warm. 
By Duffy Anderson

Thank God I'm a Country Boy by John Denver


Thank God I'm a Country Boy: His Greatest Hits - John ...First semester Junior year was the first school semester that I had a car, and also the first time my brother was gone to college so Serena was all mine, that’s what we named my brother’s Volvo cross country. Because she was my brother’s car I thought it would be funny to get specially made license plate borders. I brought it up offhand to my dad, and he said, “Yah I’ll pay.” I went on amazon and for twenty dollars I could get a border for both license plates that said Duffy Anderson- the hype never dies, which was a catchphrase I had Sophomore year. I was a Junior with an epic car and a need for speed, just kidding. I did like to drive though, so my friends and I would go on adventures. We went on an adventure wanting to do something fun. In the end, I don’t remember what we ended up doing, but I remember at the end we decided to get Wendy’s ice cream. We drove through the drive-through, but when we got to the window the man handed us four regular-sized cups and one large. I was rightly confused, we had ordered five medium soft-serves. He stumbles over, “Sorry we ran out of medium cups, so I just filled up a large partway.” As we drive away from the window Emily says, “What is this wack @$$ establishment.” We all broke into laughter. From that day forward, Wendy’s was referred to as “that wack @$$ establishment.” As we drove towards a parking spot I hear Mai-Thi, our German foreign exchange student, repeating my name over and over, “ Duffy Duffy Duffy.” “One-second Mai-Thi,” I say as I’m attempting to park. “Duffy Duffy Duffy,” I drew in a long breath and sighed put the car in the park position, “Yes, Mai-Thi.” “Do you know Carter?” the whole car yet again broke out in laughter. We chatted in the car for maybe five minutes before we realized Sydney had to be home in fifteen minutes. I turned on the car and slowly pulled out of the parking lot. As we pulled into the neighborhoods, I picked up my ice cream yet again. One hand on the wheel my ice cream in the other, but I quickly realized eating ice cream is a two-handed activity. I lined up the car on a long straight road and took a nice effort at the no-hands game driving very slowly forward. Eating my ice cream with both hands, as this song played.
By Duffy Anderson

25 days! Nice job. I did it. I would like to thank my old tennis coach Hoss.

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Something About the Sunshine by Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight)


Something About The Sunshine Baby- Starstruck - YouTubeSecond Semester of Junior year of high school, my high school friend group solidified into four people including, Josefina, Kailey, Emily, and me. We took a lot of adventures, ran around causing chaos, and faced more than your fair share of drama, like to any high schoolers. In the end, that bridge got burned, and no regrets, but we did have some fun adventures. One day at the beginning of the summer of Junior year, we decided to take a trip to Zuma beach, because someone wanted to try and be aesthetic and take photos and there is something so exciting about Zuma like we are in a movie. We took cute photos, and then Kailey and I went swimming, but as we hit the water the waves grew larger, I managed to get far enough out that the waves couldn’t get me, but Kailey got swept up by a wave. She was under the water for more than a minute. We were all afraid, but as the lifeguard stood at the shore he didn’t even take off his sweatshirt. Well, I guess we can assume he knew she would survive, because she did eventually resurface, and quickly escaped the water. After we got out of the water and shook off the scare, we decided we wanted to get dinner in Malibu, but knew that none of us could afford to go to 99% of restaurants. Well not none of us, Emily called her father and he amazingly offered to buy us dinner. We went to a hipster collection of stores, everyone dressed reasonably cute. I had even gone out of my way to bring an extra outfit, dress, heels, and hair in a ponytail, feeling like I look fine AF. Directly following our awkward outfit change in the beach bathrooms, we began to drive out of the parking lot towards the nice restaurant that we were going to get dinner at, and I spoke. “You know what this reminds me of,” I began, “that song from the movie starstruck.” Then I broke into song, “There’s something about the sunshine baby. I’m seeing you in a whole new light. Out of this world for the first time baby. Oh, it’s so right. It’s so right.” They all laughed and then Emily, who was driving, put on the song. We drove to dinner and ate something that I remember being good but the food itself wasn’t worth noting as a memory, just the fact that it was good. After dinner, we got in the car. The sun was beginning to set on our picturesque corner of the universe as we drove in the setting sun as if chasing an invisible something, but definitely something worth chasing. We played that song over and over again, laughing and talking about how we must watch it again before Josefina left to spend the summer at her family farm in Mexico. The moment was beautiful, just like a scene from some silly movie. We drove along the coast looking at all the famous sights. Appreciating a truly, teen, high school memory. Definitely a memory worth noting.
By Duffy Anderson

We Are Never Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" Song Review | Rolling StoneWhen I was in fifth grade, my class got to take a three day trip to CIMI(The Catalina Island Marine Institute). We drove in a bus for four and a half hours and then got on a boat for two hours to arrive at a camp of sorts. There were counselors and cabins, we each got an uncomfortable plastic bunk. My two strongest memories were, one in which a boy in my class was horrified by the water, but by the end of the day, they had him floating in his wetsuit. The other is, after two days of hiking and swimming and kayaking, I got back to my cabin, the leader hit the lights, and then almost immediately hit them again. My teacher opened the door to yell at us for having the lights on and nearly screamed. I was hanging my head over the edge of my bed with a pool of blood under my head. As I child I only drank water when I was told to. At camp, no one thought to tell me to drink water, so I didn’t and ended up getting a horrible bloody nose.  The reason this song reminds me of that trip is that at the end of the three days, after the boat ride, we all got on the bus for the four and half hour drive home. My teacher turns around and says that we can do whatever we like as long as we stay in our seats. The entire bus decides we should sing, the only problem was for four and half hours we realized the whole bus-only knew the words to two songs, We Are Never Getting Back Together and The Duck Song, so that is what we sang… the whole trip.
By Duffy Anderson

5 O'Clock by T-Pain


5 O'Clock - T-Pain - Download or Listen Free Online - SaavnIn all honesty, this song isn’t that good, but because of the memories it has, it is an amazing song. This song got really popular over one Christmas break that I spent at my Grammy carol’s house. She had a beautiful house in a gated neighborhood on the Oregon coast. My brother and I would always sleep in the twin beds upstairs in the loft. One Christmas, my aunt got me and my cousin’s projectors for Christmas, and my brother was being mean so my cousin Hunter and I locked ourselves in the upstairs bathroom and watched movies with our projector on the bathroom. My aunt wynn, who bought us the projector, snuck us cookies, that my grandmother had just baked. It was amazing. The day before Christmas me and my cousin, teamed up against my brother and my other cousin to make forts in the forest. We went to the beach and pulled logs up to make chairs in our new home. I took vines bark and moss and made cute little hanging plants as my cousin got a large log for a table in our fort. We spent all day there it was wonderful. The day before that we went to the park near Grammy’s house and brought jars to collect tadpoles in the pond. It was a wonderful trip to Grammy’s house, as they all were.
By Duffy Anderson

The Grudge By Tool


Guest Written Day 22

Tool - The Grudge - MusicThe dry heat beat upon my neck as the Columbia River Gorge flowed in front of me. It was another day on another planet. First, it was Moses Lake, second it was Desert Aire, and third: George. Moreover, the Gorge in George. As Ryan, Jamie, Shawn, and myself sat on the freshly clipped grass, anticipation had overwhelmed me. I had been hearing of this band for weeks now from co-workers and friends and family—TOOL. The mysterious band from my youth, the CD case that scared me, and frightened me even when I played the first track of their 2001 album Lateralus. Unknown to me, they’d open with “The Grudge.” A bone-crushing primordial rhythm section embellished with the harmonious ambiguity of lyrics about Saturn and the music itself. My feet began to dig into the Earth and the long, strange trip had begun. Scattered colors, accomplished musicianship, and most importantly, the solidification of a friendship that transgresses state lines had emerged. Encapsulated in the track Merkaba, this was “Some kind of psychedelic experience.” 
By Fulton Bryant-Anderson

Dreams by The Cranberries


The Cranberries - Dreams - The Collection (2012, CD) | DiscogsI have decided to make a series in which I write about the summer after my sophomore year. Please read Heart of Glass first. As I spent that summer going crazy in one of the most beautiful places on earth, my cousin (Hunter) spent the summer at home, and some nights we would be crazy together. He had a job at the McDonalds down the road. I would drive there and he would steal me McFlurries because he was pretty convinced it was impossible to get fired. I remember one night after he got off work, hours past dark, we sat on the dock at the water’s edge, and just watched the lights from all the houses glimmer on the lake’s surface. We decided we needed to take a walk. We drifted through the neighborhoods on foot, making some conversation but also appreciating the silence. We eventually found a house with a large house with a side yard that was more of a mini side forest. We decided to lay down amongst the leaves and stare up through the canopy of pine trees. We laughed at nothing and did our to appreciate a beautiful night.
By Duffy Anderson

Heart of Glass by Blondie


Blondie – Heart of Glass Lyrics | Genius LyricsAt the end of my Sophomore year after all the chaos that occurred, I needed to get away, I just couldn’t stay in that town any longer. So my father bought me a one-way ticket out of there. I needed somewhere to go, and my aunt and uncle had a house on lake Oswego right outside of Portland. I spent the summer in a weird haze, my pocketful of sunshine, but in a much more real sense I was living in a fog, and could not see beyond the tip of my nose, but for the time being, that was perfect. Everyone is always fighting to see everything, but there is a certain beauty to the extent that you can not think minutes ahead. Almost every day I woke up and took the dog to the park, I listened to the same playlist and drove my truck, on the same route. When I arrived back, I did simple, low energy activities, I journaled, I kayaked, and I drew houses on graph paper. I, one afternoon, sat down at the dining room table and spent seven hours drawing on graph paper a perfect house. That summer, I lost my mind, but it was okay because sometimes, the mind is not a necessary thing.
By Duffy Anderson

Broken by Lovelytheband


Broken by Lovely.The.Band [Audio] - YouTubeMy mother loves this song. It reminds me of my mother, but even more than that it reminds me of late nights at Andrea’s. My mother’s best friend’s name(besides her sister) is Andrea she is a spritely statistics professor who enjoys watching football and ordering an order of nachos but only eating a third of it. She has a nice apartment, right near the beach. When I was a Junior and Senior in high school, some nights past ten, I would arrive to find her and my mom pretending to grade but secretly just watching SNL, or something else silly but entertaining. I would always arrive after I finished everything else for the day, except often my homework. I would sit down with the rest of them and make an active effort to get the work done, but it rarely did any good. Unless I had no homework or wasn’t driving. I always had to be out by 10:30, so I could have time to do homework and wouldn’t die driving home due to exhaustion. But those late nights at Andrea’s are some of my favorite memories. Sitting on the black leather couch, laughing at some dumb show that we were simultaneously very invested in and didn’t care about at all. We would sit, it was comfortable and safe when the town caught on fire, that is where we went. I was scared I had lost it all, but I felt safe because it felt like it was just another late night at Andrea’s house.
By Duffy Anderson

Rock With U by Janet Jackson


Rock with U - WikipediaOkay so let’s imagine this,  you’re riding in the car with three crazy gay men, one who spends way too much money on shirts(Josh), one who spends forty-five minutes blow-drying his hair(Jackson), and one who’s family(Hunter). These are boys who you know, when the street lights come on they are going to hit the ground running. Driving down the downtown streets, going to get fancy pastries I’d never heard, and coffee from a place where you know they will make it too sour because that’s what the hipsters want, Jackson calls for aux, and plugs in some tunes. First, they play Alice by Lady Gaga, which Hunter has already played for me at least a dozen times because Gaga just released the album, so I know all the words. Then he plays this song. In the back seat, I sing along, “I wanna rock with you.” They all look at each, apparently stunned. I guess it’s a strange thing for an eighteen-year-old girl to know the lyrics to Rock With U, but obviously not that strange. I dedicate this one to the girls and the gays.
By Duffy Anderson

True Love by P!nk & Lily Allen


แปลเนื้อเพลงสากล : Pink - True Love feat. Lily AllenI don’t know how much hope I have left for humanity, and especially for love, but slowly life is finding opportunities to give me hope. I had to interview someone who had been married 25+ years for an essay for my writing class. I interviewed my uncle, he and my aunt have been married for 29 years. “Thirty in May,” he tells me as if it’s his favorite holiday, that he is counting the days till. I asked him maybe three questions, before asking him if he believed in soul mates. I was so expecting the answer to be no. When he didn’t stop to think before answering “absolutely”, I was both caught off guard and instantly out of questions. Relationships are a give and take, but he made me realize, that it isn’t about giving when they pull and ask for it, but when they don’t think they need it all, or when they are too scared to ask for it. Give and take doesn’t mean conceding in a fight, but always wanting to offer something just because you can, and you know it will make them happy, and that will make you happy. My uncle gives me hope for love, he believes he has found soul mate, and that in and of itself is hope. 
By Duffy Anderson

You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift


You Belong With Me (Music) - TV TropesOn the first day of kindergarten, I made a best friend, Amelie. Then near the end of the year, she left for France and did not return for three years. Even still she was my best friend. When she came, back we were friends again, but another person took her away, and wouldn’t let us be friends. Now thirteen plus years later, she is my best friend. This song reminds me of her, and the late nights we spent during Christmas time, doing arts and crafts, to give to people for Christmas. I would paint a whale, and she would make bracelets, or whatever else we decided to do. We sit at the dining room table watching the Taylor Swift music videos off of my laptop, laughing because of absolutely nothing. Talking about how the You Belong With Me, Taylor Swift music video is definitely the best music video ever made. It makes me sad to think of how Taylor Swift lost how she used to be because that was the best. If you’re reading this, I miss you, Amelie. I can’t wait for us to bake sugar cookies and hang out in someone else’s hot tub. 🙂
By Duffy Anderson

I Wanna Know by NOTD


TNOTD – I Wanna Know Lyrics | Genius Lyricshe week before I left for college, I was on apple music and began to wonder to myself, “What if apple music was like social media.” So I began to explore. I looked up college playlists, then I clicked on the person who made the playlist, then I clicked on one of the followers who seemed cool. Then I went to their followers and found Tofu. That was either their first name, or that’s what they told Apple Music their first name was, either way, their playlists popped off. So I listened to a couple of their playlists, and they were awesome. So I put together a playlist of my own. Dear tofu, I named it, then in the playlist I put Hello by Adele, followed by How are you by Kayden. Then You seem cool by Mike Birbiglia, and lastly, Let’s be friends by Emily Osment. All in all, I accomplished nothing through this process, they never followed me or messaged me, but it didn’t matter. I had a good time doing it, and I was laughing with my friends about it, and I will always have the memories of the fun times, laughing about my attempts to make friends through social media, that isn’t social media. 
By Duffy Anderson

So Happy I Could Die By Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga - So happy I could die [TFM.7] | Lady Gaga So ...When I was in third grade, my extended family came to my house for Christmas. I was super excited for my family to be in town, but as a nine-year-old, I was more overwhelmed by the excitement for the mountains of presents that I saw under the tree and knew I was going to receive. When Christmas morning came, my cousins and I all sat around the base of the tree on the floor, and the first present we all got was my gift from Santa, that was always wrapped in a specific shiny gold paper. I opened, nit an idea in the world what I was going to get. I got pink, over the ear, headphones, which were perfect because my parents got an iPod touch. At first, that night and even the next day, I was just excited to have a device so I downloaded and played games. My aunt and uncle however got me a gift card for apple music(amongst other things), so I bought the Lady Gaga album, the fame monster. For days, which turned into weeks, I danced around the house singing, accomplishing nothing. I was mocked by my family, for being ridiculous and dancing for days, but I didn’t care. Everything was awesome. A wonderful Christmas.
By Duffy Anderson

Black Bird by Chris Colfer


Blackbird - Glee cast version - YouTube
When I was in middle school I didn’t have very many friends, and to anyone who’s been to middle school, it isn’t very easy to make them. By the end of sixth grade, I was mostly by myself. I still had my neighbor Laura. I still had my best friend Amelie but she was always being pulled away. One special night, while my brother was away at boy scout camp, Amelie came over, and then we invited Laura. My parents weren’t paying attention to what we were doing, so we snuck into my Finn’s room(my brother) because he had a tv. We put on Glee at maybe six-thirty pm and then watched and laughed and talked all night. We didn’t watch the clock and we didn’t care. It was fall break. Then I heard my dad in the hallway getting up for work. We laughed and snuck back to my room and fell asleep. It was a night for the books.
By Duffy Anderson

Buscuits By Kacey Musgraves


‎Biscuits by Kacey Musgraves on Apple Music | Kacey ...This song reminds me of a specific period of time in my life, where the excitement for college was at its max and I just wanted to squeeze every ounce out of life back home, knowing a summer like that would never come again. A summer with no responsibilities and an endless abundance of free time. Camrin, Lindsey, and I, reading books, drinking an obviously unhealthy quantity of McDonald’s iced coffee, and taking every opportunity to go to the beach and appreciate the sunshine. There’s is a road that one can take, a long simple road along the coast, and if you keep driving past where you can see the houses, you come to an awkward dirt parking lot. If you continue on to the last couple feet of road, you notice that the road curves under the bridge. On the other side of the bridge was enough road to park ten cars in either direction and then to the right what looked like an endless strip of beach. The trick was to not be fooled by the obvious choice, I turn left. I drive to the end and park and then climb awkwardly down the rocks. I tiny strip of beach all of my own, ours. We place our chairs in a small cove, where the rocks create a second barrier, and the mountains a first, to protect from the wind. The water is always crystal clear, and we are far enough from the piers that the waves stay small. I take a deep breath, and dive in the waters, that stay crystal clear twice as long as any other beach in my county. I sit in a chair and dig my toes into the warm sand, and pull out some silly teen book about romance, space wars, or dystopian societies. I’ve got a pocketful of sunshine, SeaCliff.
By Duffy Anderson

Gravity by John Mayer


Gravity by John Mayer - YouTubeThis song was my favorite song for the entirety of my young childhood. It reminds me of long car drives and going on adventures with my family. It reminds me most strongly of a memory I am never able to quite place. I am in fourth or fifth grade. I am sitting in the car next to my brother. It is dark out, and as I look out the window I can see the stars float out in space, on the radio Weezer starts playing and my brother starts laughing with parents about how the is not called ”half-pipe” as they always told him it was. It was a good moment. I don’t where we were or what we were doing, but I could look out on the headlights glowing across the trees to the right and sharp hillside to our left, and just appreciate life.  You may be asking yourself what this song has to do with this memory, and the surface level answer is little to nothing. If I dig a little deeper I realize that this was the moment, after several years, that I thought of this song again, because this tranquil family moment felt like I was five again, and everything was perfect. Once I was old enough to be aware, I realized everything in life wasn’t perfect, but at that moment, it was.
By Duffy Anderson

Alice by Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga Fanmade Covers: AliceThis song has tons of memories behind it, which is strange because it’s reasonably new. It reminds me of the time I spent with my cousin this summer, but I am now choosing to hold it as a memory for my great accomplishment of this year. I have a radio show, two actually, and a blog. It all takes me back several weeks, maybe even months at this point, I was sitting on Amelia’s couch/bed and thinking about random stuff, when she mentions that she wants to check out the club fair. I thought sure that sounds alright. I saw the LASR link and clicked sign up, thinking I would go to some big zoom call where they would explain the club, but no. I was sent to a one on one video call with the club president. I freaked out and hit cancel thinking that was that my dream of being a radio star was down the drain, but several days later I received an email from the student apologizing for hanging up, so I wrote them back explaining how much I wanted to be part of the whole thing and how I had an idea for an audiobook radio show. They loved it. From there it was all uphill. I got the first show running and just finished reading Alice in Wonderland. Then I started my second show, in which every episode has a different theme. Finally, I started a blog, I have been posting every day. True it has only been two weeks, but that still pretty cool. I made my dream come true. Who knew you can just send emails and make things happen. 
By Duffy Anderson

Sunshine on my shoulders by John Denver


MUSIC FOR YOU: John Denver - Sunshine on my shoulders lyricsLast Christmas was the first Christmas in which I officially decided I was religious. So Christmas morning I wanted to go to church, of course no one told me that little to no one goes to church on christmas morning, so when I arrived they had no one to read and I got to read both of the gospels. Along with having a nice morning at church, I asked my grandmother to come with me, so after church we went back to my house and opened presents with my mother and brother. After almost two hours opening presents, I decided to put in my John Denver cd, and my grandmother asked me to dance. We laughed and danced around the living room for quite some time before deciding we should do something with the day. My grandmother had several boxes of cookies and chocolates, and we swung by and ATM and picked up some cash. We then went to the park and ran around giving strangers in need, chocolates and money to buy a warm meal. It was a wonderful christmas all in all. This song will always remind me of ballroom dancing, getting to read in church, and running around the park giving strangers candy.
By Duffy Anderson

Mystery of Love by Sufjan Stevens


Mystery of Love - YouTubeThis song reminds me less of a memory, and more of a feeling. The moments where it’s late at night on a Saturday, and I just got off the plane and into the car. We drive over that one long hill with the fancy car store on the other side. The sun begins to set and we crest over the mountain top. This song comes on. I’m not sad, really, just tired and appreciating an adventure that has come to its end. I find a sort of contentment in the sadness of the end of a good thing. I sigh and look out the window with a quiet smile, just appreciating my moment of peace and tranquility.
By Duffy Anderson

Wild Montana Skies by John Denver


JOHN DENVER - THE ESSENTIAL JOHN DENVER(2CD) - ...The summer before my Junior year of HighSchool, I got my driver’s license, and very soon after my brother left for his Freshman year of college. I had a car and a license and loved to drive. So I was always the friend in charge of leading the adventures. The Christmas before that, my mother gave me the “essentials of John Denver” cd. The only other cd I had that I enjoyed was the Pitbull Global Warming cd, so when someone got in the car we were usually listening to John Denver. After a while, I fell in love with the Wild Montana Skies and very quickly memorized all the words. So then as a right of passage, every new person had to memorize the chorus. This was just the beginning. After I started making a level system, being in my car was like being a member of an elite club. Just by getting invited to ride in my car, you were a bronze member. If you memorized Wild Montana Skies you were a silver member, but gold is when it started to get a little wacky. I was driving through the harbor one day and there was construction; I dared my best friend to steal a brick. Then it became a thing. Brick stealing became the only way to become a gold member. Sometimes we stole them from under stairwells, or off of piles, occasionally even directly off walls. A secret Organization all my own.
By Duffy Anderson

Let's Do it Again by J Boog


Found Every Little Thing by J Boog with Shazam, have a ...I heard this song for the first time, at 11 pm, at a campground in the forest, at the end of a very long road in upper Ojai. I was there with two friends to celebrate the birthday party of a friend. Hours past dark, we spent several hours dancing and celebrating, but it was a very long drive from home. When the night came to an end, it was too long of a drive to return home, so my two friends(Orli and Myles) and I decided to spend the night in Myle’s car. Unfortunately, we did not think this thoroughly through. That night, with every coming hour, the temperature dropped. The forties to thirties, and down and down. For the first several hours we slept, exhausted by the fun of the day, but as the days went on we had to find a new plan. At threeish in the morning, we were all awake, we began to talk quietly, “Are you awake?” and in response, “It’s too cold to sleep,” with a small chuckle. We decided in order to stay warm we would lay down the seats and all curl up on top of the back seats, there was not enough room for us to fit, and we quickly ran out of, the body warmth to keep each other temperate. Though we were frozen and the change did little good, the exhaustion took over fifteen minutes at a time, small conversation breaking through the frost. As four-thirty drew nearer, a collection of laughter began to brew in each of us together, each of us coming to an understanding over the absurdity of the whole situation. I crawled over the center console and into the passenger seat, Myles and Orli, crawled about, struggling to flip up the seats, afraid that if we open the doors the cold may take our last breath. We were in a perfect state of mild hysteria. As we drove down through the mountains and pulled into a gas station, 5:15 had approached more quickly than anticipated. We were nearly out of gas, but the gas station was closed till six, and it was too cold to wait around. We drove towards the ocean, deciding then to watch the sunrise. When we reached the beach, we filled up the tank. At last, when we slid into the harbor park parking lot, we decided we were too tired to care if there was a supernova let alone watch the sunrise. We all drove to my house, and curled up under blankets, falling into a deep deep sleep. A perfect night. One for the books.
By Duffy Anderson

Drive by Incubus


Incubus - Make Yourself (Album Cover) | Incubus make yourself, Incubus, Make it yourselfThis song reminds me of the movie Surf’s Up, but even more than that it reminds me of my brother Finn. It takes me back to the nights when we would sit on the couch in the basement together and watch it, or watch it on the DVD player on long road trips or flights. I am reminded of the days we spent competing on the Gamecube, in Surfs Up the game. We would take our little avatars and I would hit random buttons as they went up the wave hoping they would do cool tricks, but Finn always knew what chicken Joe was gonna do. It reminds me of seeing him as a kid, in love with this movie. And even yet, years later he came back from his freshman year of college and seemed like a real adult as if he had lost his childhood, but after I walked into the room and found him watching Surfs Up, the excitement in his eyes when he described to me what a good movie Surf’s Up was, made him seem like a little kid again. He showed me that day, that no matter how old we get, we don’t have to lose that fire.
By Duffy Anderson

Low by Flo Rida


IFlo Rida - Low COVER (rock / metal / punk goes pop) - YouTube apologize for putting two, mildly trash songs in a row, but this song reminds me of so many good times. When I was in fifth grade my mother would pick me up from school every day, and then half an hour my brother’s class would end at the middle school down the road, and we would pick him up. One day, I was sitting in the car with my mother outside the middle school, and it came to me. I started to sing, “apple bottom jeans, boots with fur.” My mom began to laugh, a real bottom of the stomach laugh. I guess she didn’t expect her ten-year-old daughter, in her dress and pigtails, to start, singing Flo Rida, unprompted. From that day on she would tell the story, and we would laugh, and dance. At family gatherings, we would all laugh together. It was wonderful to hear my mom laugh, and see her smiling. The song is ridiculous, but it reminds me of my mother’s smile.
By Duffy Anderson

Spooky Scary Skeletons by Andrew Gold


Spooky Scary Skeletons Original Song Video - YouTubeHappy Halloween! So this song may seem silly, and though I will get mocked for it, I think I like the regular version better than the remix. I will acknowledge that this song is ridiculous, but it has great memories embedded in it. When I was a junior in high school, over fall break, I took a trip to Seattle with my father. I had never been to Seattle and was very excited. We were there right before Halloween so I made a playlist, and in the process found this song. It made me happy so I played the whole trip. It reminds me of the day that we went to a huge park and had a competition to see who could catch the most leaves before they hit the ground. It reminds me of the day that I dressed up as a unicorn and carved pumpkins. It reminds me of the night we curled up on the couch and started watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It reminds me of the night I was surprised with tickets to see Come From Away, the broadway show. It reminds me of exploring pike place, and snap chatting my brother from the hipster coffee shops. Spooky Scary Skeletons is silly, but I still hold it close to my heart. Stay safe out there tonight.
By Duffy Anderson

All The Kids Are Depressed, by Jeremy Zucker


Jeremy Zucker - glisten Lyrics and Tracklist | GeniusThis song is, let’s say relatable. I remember, senior year of high school, about a month after the pandemic began, we all realized it might last forever, and all the kids truly were depressed. During the month of March, on an average Friday night, Camrin and I would hop in my 2001 clunky little truck, which we named Shakira. At 7 pm we would drive to the McDonalds on the beach and pick up large iced coffees, one Carmel, and one with no liquid sweetener. Then we would drive aimlessly up the coast and listen to music that often didn’t match the complete lack of hype, but after a while, we realized we needed music that was just as bummed out as we were, and found Jeremy Zucker was perfect. With him, we could sing along as we drove by and watch the lights from the oil riggers, or we could cry quietly as we acknowledged little of the world around us. When the world went dark, and our ship went under, Jeremy Zucker was a lifeboat to hold onto.
By Duffy Anderson

Annie's Song By John Denver


This song always reminds me of spending late nights with my grandmother in elementary school. We would go for a swim in the pool and watch the sunset through the glass windows. On the drive back, we would pick up a whole roasted chicken and a baguette. Then we would drive up the road to her house and she would begin to sing, not constantly but every once and a while you would hear another line to the song. Then we arrived at her home. She had a hammock on the back deck, that looked out over the whole cityscape. As the night got later I would lay in the hammock and look out over the city, over the ocean, and listen to my grandmother sings as I slowly nodded off to sleep. This song makes me feel safe, like I’m back at that time, on those long nights spent at grandmother’s house.
By Duffy Anderson

Oops, you read them all. Nice job.

Index, and Playlist if you are feeling creative

Enteries (1-10)

  1. Annie’s Song by John Denver
  2. All The Kids Are Depressed by Jeremy Zucker
  3. Spooky Scary Skeletons by Andrew Gold
  4. Low by Flo Rida
  5. Drive by Incubus
  6. Let’s Do it Again by J Boog
  7. Wild Montana Skies by John Denver
  8. Mystery of Love by Sufjan Stevens
  9. Sunshine on My Shoulders by John Denver
  10. Alice by Lady Gaga

Enteries (10-20)

  1. Gravity by John Mayer
  2. Biscuits by Kacey Musgraves
  3. Black Bird by Chris Colfer
  4. So Happy I Could Die by Lady Gaga
  5. I Wanna Know by NOTD
  6. You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift
  7. True Love by P!nk & Lily Allen
  8. Rock With U by Janet Jackson
  9. Broken by Lovelytheband
  10. Heart Of Glass by Blondie

Enteries (20-30)

  1. Dreams by The Cranberries
  2. The Grudge by Tool (Guest Written By Fulton Bryant-Anderson)
  3. 5 O’Clock by T-Pain
  4. We are never getting back together by Taylor Swift
  5. Something About the Sunshine by Christopher Wilde
  6. Thank God I’m a Country Boy by John Denver
  7. Wake up in the Sky by Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, and Kodak Black
  8. Out of my League by Fitz and the Tantrums
  9. Hoes Come Easy by RJ
  10. Plastic Hearts by Miley Cyrus

  1. I’m on a Boat by The Lonely Island
  2. The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel
  3. Pie Jesu by The Ayoub Sisters, and Royal Philharmonic
  4. Rudolf The RedNose Reindeer by Johnny Marks
  5. Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band Aid

I know I will likely never have a morning radio show so I am posting my morning coffee playlist here so you can appreciate it. This is one of my personal favorite playlists. Listen in the morning before you listen to anything else. Listen in order. 🙂