Meet Your Sojourner Advocates

Emma DaFoe

Emma DaFoe
Studied away in Berlin (J-Term 2013) & Freiburg, Germany (Spring 2014)
Class of 2015
Majors: International Business, German

Based on my study away location choices and major (p.s. Germany is such a great country, you should definitely go), it’s probably pretty obvious that I initially based my global education around the goal of language learning. While getting comfortable enough with the language that I could easily give directions or hold an entire conversation with strangers is proof enough for me that studying away in Berlin & Freiburg has exponentially improved my German, I gained so much more experience in other areas that I never anticipated. From getting on a train traveling two hours in the wrong direction to setting up a SIM card for my cell phone, I learned that that things will go wrong and it is okay to admit that I don’t have all of the answers. Once I made that realization, I was able to let go of the stress and just enjoy myself.

Above all, study away has taught me how to be a more confident and independent person. Throughout my time away, I discovered that life is just a series of challenges that you have to take in stride, because once you do, the real adventure can begin.