Meet Your Sojourner Advocates

Lucas Gillespie

Lucas Gillespie
Studied in Copenhagen, Denmark (Full Year 2013-2014)
Class of 2016
Major: Environmental Studies, Global Studies
Minors: Women’s & Gender Studies

When weighing my many opportunities for studying away, I ultimately chose to enroll for an entire academic year because I wanted to have ample time in the city and country that I would call home, while being thousands of miles away from PLU. I lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for my entire junior year and I would not trade that experience for anything! Being able to dive into a new society and immerse myself in a foreign culture changed the way that I look at myself, my education, the world around me, and what the terms ‘home’ and ‘identity’ really mean. By the time I departed from Denmark after a year of studies, I was a completely different person, filled with new memories, new connections, and a new perspective on the world surrounding me.

My time in Denmark and Europe was a breathtaking and humbling experience. I had the opportunity to learn about the sustainable initiatives and green infrastructures that Denmark has implemented, swim in both the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, climb to the top of a wind turbine, celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall on Reunification Day in Berlin, watch the sunset at the westernmost point of continental Europe outside Lisbon, Portugal, gaze upon the quiet beauty of the Northern Lights on Iceland, celebrate the new year with thousands of Copenhageners, learn a huge amount of the Danish language, and learn about gender, sexuality, and identity from a Danish perspective. Reflecting back upon the time I spent away, I have grown in both knowledge and perspective, both by learning in a classroom setting and by submerging myself in a new culture and the lives of others around me.