Study Abroad in Hobart, Australia

Tasmania is Australia’s most southern, and only island state – and arguably its most beautiful. It is separated from mainland Australia by a stretch of water called the Bass Strait, and is only a one hour flight from Melbourne. It has many species found nowhere else in the world and more than 40 percent of the state is protected in national parks and reserves. The city of Hobart has a population of about 200,000.

Fast facts the University of Tasmania (UTAS):

  • Ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide
  • Australia’s fourth oldest university
  • Ranked 4th in the world for Marine and Fresh Water Biology
  • Lonely Planet ranked Tasmania in the top 4 must-visit destinations in the world

Fall Semester, Spring Semester, or Full Year 

Since Australia is in the southern hemisphere, University of Tasmania (UTAS) operates on a different academic timelines than PLU. The PLU spring semester will be UTAS Semester 1, running from February to June. The PLU fall semester will be UTAS semester 2, running from July to November.

Academic Features

You can choose from a wide range of subjects, many units (courses) have experiential components.

Popular subjects include: Aboriginal Studies, Animal and Marine Science, Maritime and Logistics Management, Natural Environment and Wilderness Management, Antarctic studies, Fine Arts, Geology, Law and Business. Check out this link for a list of all possible disciplines, as well as popular units for study abroad students: UTAS Highlighted Units and Subjects.

UTAS Unit Finder

When searching for units, consider the campus location, pre-requisites, term offered, and level.

Most semester units (courses) are 12.5 points. Each 12.5 point unit at UTAS is worth 4 PLU credits.

Study Abroad students are examined alongside full-time degree-seeking students. Most classes are examined through a combination of continuous assessment, mid-term assignments and an end of semester examination.

Disciplines that are not available to study abroad students include: Medicine, Para-medicine, Pharmacy

PLU Course Equivalency

As PLU students choose this program, a Course Equivalency Guide will be built and uploaded to this webpage.

Pacific Lutheran University awards all credits earned in this program. Semester-long study away programs fulfill PLU’s Cross Cultural Diversity requirement.

Course offerings are subject to change.


PLU students have two options for housing.

  1. Jane Franklin Hall is an affiliated housing option for UTAS students. Jane is set in beautiful landscaped grounds and offers accommodation for 200 students in single study bedrooms. Many rooms enjoy views of the River Derwent, Mount Wellington or the city. The University campus and Hobart city are a short 20 minute walk or 15 minute bus ride away. This housing option is quite similar to traditional US residential living; there is a strong sense of community, all food is prepared and provided, shared community spaces and bathrooms.
  2. UTAS Campus Accommodation allows students the flexibility to prepare their own food and have more independence. Meal stipend included. Housing options include: Christ College, John Fisher College, and University Apartments.

PLU students will apply for accommodation once they have been “pre-approved” by a PLU study away advisor and accepted by UTAS.

Program Fee

The PLU comprehensive fee covers this academic experience (instruction and academic credit), housing, a meal stipend (if student chooses UTAS Campus Accommodation), activity fee stipend, study abroad insurance, and visa fees*). To find the current comprehensive fee for one semester, divide the total full-year cost listed on the Admissions website by two. Please note that the comprehensive fee varies each year, and the cost of this program will be based on the year in which you study away. Financial aid applies.

*The Wang Center will reimburse you for your visa fees up to $300; such fees can include: visa processing fees, consulate fees, online application fees. Reimbursement does not include: domestic travel costs for in-person submission, postage costs.

Out-of-pocket Expenses

Some air travel, books/supplies, personal excursions, domestic travel*/postage for visa processing, and other miscellaneous expenses are not included in program cost

*Be sure to research your visa requirements as you may have to go in-person to a consulate or visa processing center. Depending on the country, there may or may not be a local consulate, and you may have to fly to another US state.

Contact Us

Holly Peterson, Study Away Advisor and Semester Program Liaison


Sophomore, junior, or senior standing. Students must have a minimum 2.5 G.P.A. Must be a student in good standing.

Application Deadline

Fall, Spring and Full Year applications are due March 15

A $50 non-refundable fee is due with the application.

Each academic year the current application is made available during International Education Week in November.

Applicants must also complete the Victoria University of Wellington application, and the student accommodation application. This will be done after you have been approved by PLU.

Application Components

Visit University of Tasmania’s website to learn more.

UTAS Study Abroad Brochure

Program Highlights

  • Fall Semester, Spring Semester, or Academic Year
  • Choose from a wide variety of disciplines
  • Study in the capital city of Tasmania, Australia
  • Study and live alongside 37,000 Aussie and international students