Research and Resources

Encouraging Conservation in Communal Living Environments” by Aiko Nakagawa, Neil Wagner, and Ashley Connors, 2014. Click here for an article on the research.

What I Learned from the Campus Plumber by Dr. Charles Bergman, Professor of English, October, 2004

The Environmental Studies Program at Pacific Lutheran University: Modeling Cooperation Between Disciplines, 2001, Greening of the Campus IV–Moving to the Mainstream by Dr. Jill Whitman, Professor of Geosciences

Historic Flows, Flow Problems and Fish Presence in Clover Creek—1924-1942: Interviews with Early Residents by Dr. Fred Tobiason, Chemistry Professor

From the Faculty, Staff and Students of Pacific Lutheran University

Greening of the Campus at Pacific Lutheran University: 18 years of Recycling, 2001, Greening of the Campus IV–Moving to the Mainstream , by Barbara McConathy,  Environmental Services Coordinator

From the Staff of Pacific Lutheran University

Successfully Integrating Sustainability into the Campus Culture – Connecting Academics, Operations and Student Life, Greening of the Campus VI-Extending Connections, 2005 by Rose McKenney, Jill Whitman, Joel Zylstra, Charles Bergman, Dave  Kohler, Amanda Miller, and Sheri Tonn

Building a Model of Water Sustainability by Integrating Operations, Research, and Curriculum: Greening of the Campus V-Connecting to Place, 2003 by Rose McKenney, Dave Kohler, Michael Henson, Charles Bergman, and Sheri Tonn

From the Students of Pacific Lutheran University


. . . For the Earth: Sustaining the Mission of Higher Education, by Joel Zylstra, Capstone, May 2005

Sustainable Street Renovation Project at Pacific Lutheran University by Michael Henson, Capstone, May 13, 2004

Integrated Waste Management at Pacific Lutheran University: A Look at the Scientific, Social and Educational Aspects of Composting by Elizabeth N. Stone, Capstone, May 2004

The Biological and Economic Effects of Water Loss in Clover Creek by Kate Dunlap, Capstone, May 13, 2004

A Drip in Time: Water Audit and Survey of Environmental Attitudes of Students in Pacific Lutheran University Residence Halls by Eric Fiesth, Capstone, May 25, 2003

A Literary Approach to Sustainability by Natalie Gulsrud, Capstone, May 2003

Resource Use at PLU: An Environmental Audit by Jeanette Dorner, Capstone, May, 1994