2016-2017 DJS Award Project Summaries

Project Title: The Celebration of Black History & Culture Event with Dr. Terrell Strayhorn

Student Name: Shelondra Harris

Student Major/Graduation Year: Marketing Science & Communication, 2017

Semester Awarded: Fall 2016

BSU Strayhorn

Short Project Summary: $1,500 was allotted for the PLU Black Student Union’s event, The Celebration of Black History & Cultural Event. In Shelondra’s reflection, she shared: “ The Celebration of Black History & Culture event allowed PLU and the greater community to participate, learn, engage, and critically reflect on elements of Black history and culture that is applicable to today. … We were glad to have provided Black representation on campus to hopefully change the climate in terms of the lack of representation of people of color both visually and physically.” The celebration also featured keynote speaker Dr. Terrell Strayhorn, tenured, full professor in the College of Education and Human Ecology’s Department of Educational Studies at Ohio State University.

Project Title: Inside Out Queer Healthy Relationship Workshop

Student Name: Jacynda Woodman-Ross

Student Major/Graduation Year: Biology

Semester Awarded: Fall 2016

Inside Out Logo

Project Summary: $3,000 was allotted towards the Inside Out Queer Healthy Relationship Workshop facilitated by Dawn Cuthbertson (Gender Based Violence Advocate) and Jordyn Price (Inside Out Coordinator Intern). Their six psychoeducational skills classes in the spring semester in 2017 were for queer-identified student to explore topics such as anti-oppression, expectation and negotiation, accountability, boundaries, conflict and community connections.

Project Title: Menstrual Cup Project

Student Name: Rainey Aberle/Elizabeth Hamre

Student Major/Graduation Year: Earth Studies/Women and Gender Studies

Semester Awarded: Spring 2017

Menstrual Cup Event

Project Summary: $1,018.30 was allotted to purchase 68 menstrual cups both Size 1 and 2 to be distributed in the Health Center, the Center for Gender Equity and the Diversity Center. This distribution was a follow up to 28 menstrual cups (sponsored by ASPLU) given out at their “Let’s Talk About Menstrual Products” held in the Center for Gender Equity on April 25, 2017.