Special Events

By organizing recycling at your events, you allow your guests to continue their recycling habits and help PLU maintain and improve its waste diversion rates and reduction goals. Below are the steps to take to determine your needs.

I. Determining Recycling Needs

What materials can I recycle?

Consider carefully the waste the event will generate, including waste connected with preparations, meals, and clean up. Bins can be ordered for: mixed paper, corrugated cardboard, and bottles and cans. Match the expected waste with the list of acceptable materials for recycling (which can be found here). We also have compost bins available for events where food is present.

How many containers do I need?

Environmental Services provides 32-gallon plastic recycling bins for events. The charge per bin is $4.00 (please call our office for the most current rate).

Order the same number of recycling bins as trash cans so that they can be placed together. The charge per 90-gallon trash can is $7.00 (please call our office for the most current rate).

By placing trash cans and recycling bins together, recycling will be made much more convenient for guests, encouraging higher levels of recycling.

Each of our 32-gallon special event recycling bins holds 120 aluminum cans or 100 plastic water bottles. To determine how many recycling bins are needed for the event, consider the number of people you expect at the event as well as the number of drinks a person will consume during the event. Multiply these numbers together to determine how many bins are needed.

Obtain permission from building managers and maintenance personnel if the recycling bins must remain in place overnight.

If there are any additional questions, please call (253) 535 – 7380.

II. Placement of Recycling and Compost Containers

Place recycling and compost bins next to each trash can in order to ensure optimum convenience for your guests. Choose locations with high visibility, convenience, and waste-generation, such as food tables. We suggest creating several recycling sites.

III. Obtaining Recycling Service

Submit your work order via an e-mail work order form, or call Facilities main office at (253) 535 – 7380. On the work order, please state the delivery and removal dates, the materials planned to be recycled, and the number of carts needed.

For best results, please place your order at least one week in advance of your event.