PLU Sustainability Alternative Transportation Survey

Going on now through the end of the school year, PLU is collecting data to identify barriers to alternative transportation on campus. We want to know how you feel about it! How do you get to PLU? What do you think of bikes? Are buses awesome or lame? Your opinion counts!


Bikes are a great way to get around campus and the local community and get some exercise at the same time! Not only is your car hazardous for the environment, but also your wallet-parking costs between $30 and $125, not to mention the rising cost of gas!
There are bike racks all over campus, and safe, clean and free bike rooms in every residence hall! There are many restaurants, grocery stores, and recreational activities in a bike-able distance. Please feel free to visit our Bike Co-Op page for more information on on-campus biking opportunities.


Another alternative to driving is the local bus system. Pierce Transit is an inexpensive way to get around Tacoma, and connects most other major cities in the area. In addition, ASPLU sometimes has free passes, but students are also able to purchase bus tickets at a discounted rate.