2020-2021 Open House Board Positions

House Manager Duties (seeking 1 person)

  • Manage all maintenance required for the University House building and grounds.
  • Organizing and managing landscaping and grounds-related activities.
  • Assist in planning, set-up, and clean-up for events.
  • Function as other board members – contribute to the conversation, helps to make decisions and works with other pboard members to achieve University House goals and objectives.

Interested in a UHouse Board Position for next year? Fill out this short application form and we look forward to connecting with you!

In addition to having lunch at the House and participating in Friday Night Social Hours and other social events, there are other ways in which members can get involved in University House including:

  • Speaking.  We bring interesting programs from across campus to UHouse during lunch.  If you have an interesting topic that you would like to present to our members, please consider giving a lunchtime talk.  It can be of any topic that might be of interest to members.
  • Bartending.  We are always looking for bartenders for Friday Nigh Social Hours and it is a fun way to participate at UHouse.
  • Work Parties.  We are a volunteer organization and we rely on the help of our members for projects around the House and we can always use help!
  • Board.  Each year, there are opportunities to join our board.
  • Music.  We like to host special event nights including nights with live music.  If you play music, or know someone who does, please consider playing at UHouse.