Cassandra Kopriva


  • Biography


Cassandra began her career at Pacific Lutheran University in 2014 after graduating from Eastern Washington University with a BA in Communications- Public Relations, with a double minor in Business and Psychology and a Leadership Certificate. Cassandra currently serves as an Assistant Director of Admission & Campus Visit Coordinator in the Office of Admission. With a little over 4 years of higher-education experience, Cassandra is responsible for recruiting future lutes in Kent School District, Tahoma School District, Peninsula School District, and Auburn School District as well as Home-schooled students and all states PLU does not travel too! She also oversees individual campus visits to PLU, the Admission Lute OverKnight event, and student interns. If you ask her, she would say the best part of her job is connecting with future lutes and working with students everyday!

In addition to her regular duties, Cassandra serves as the PLU Staff Council chair, sits on the Long Range Planning Committee, and has served as Secretary of the Uhouse since Fall 2017. On a personal note, Cassandra is also a current Lute, working on her MBA since Fall 2016 with an anticipated graduation in Spring 2020.