Holden Smith

Global Ambassador

  • Biography


Hello! I am one of your 2020-2021 Global Ambassador. My name is Holden Smith (He/Him/His) and I studied In Aix en Provence Fall of last year. I am currently and IHON student who is majoring in Both Economics and Mathematics, with a minor in Data Science and French. My French minor was only possible because of studying away. Not only did Studying away open the door of being a french minor but as well as setting me up to become a Fulbright scholar. I hope to meet all of you and help as much as I possibly can!




Why I became a Global Ambassador,

I become a Global ambassador because I wanted to encourage prospective students to study away. I have heard over the years the saying “you wouldn’t understand till you did it” and It’s always been quite difficult to believe this until I studied away. I cannot explain to anyone who hasn’t studied away why it is life-changing. Everyone’s experiences are so different but they share the same themes: studying away pushes you out of your comfort box and makes you see the world a little different. But these words fall flat in the actual experiences you get to be a part of while studying away. I want every student who can to study away. Not just at PLU but at every colligate level institution. Being a GA I have been able to try and encourage all who think about studying a way to do so, you will not regret it. This position also comes with the freedom to impact global education at PLU in any reasonable way you see fit. I was extremely grateful I was allowed to do interviews with students who have studied away in the past. I truly believe it is the stories that we get to be a part of while studying away that make it so impactful. Being able to hear these stories from others helped me understand my own study away experience better but also share them with students who have never been away before. Each interview I got to do was eye-opening because everyone has such a different experience while away. Each country comes with its own pros and cons, even our own. I truly believe being a GA has helped me narrow down what I want to do with my life and I highly recommended this position to anyone who was impacted by their study away experience.