How To Use Media Slider

If you are looking for the slideshow element or want your page to show cycling pictures you will want to use the media slider. To create a media slider go to the media slider tab on your dashboard and hit add new.


Media Slider AddNew


Each slide can be an image or a video. Hit add slide to make a new slide.


Media Slider Create


Make sure all the pictures are the same size when you add them. Otherwise the slider will change sizes every slide.

After adding a slide with the content you want it may come up looking something like this:


Divisional Slider Example


However the look depends on the slider options that you use that are located on the right side of the Media Slider page. These are the options:

Slider Options

The slider size will automatically crop your slides to the specified dimensions. You will most often want to use the divisional, or departmental size depending on what page you are editing.

Media Slider Size

The slider type will change how the slider is displayed. The carousel type will display several pictures at once while the full width will only show one at a time.

Media Slider Type

The Light box allows people to click on the image and open it up into a more zoomed in window. This will not works with a link.

Media Slider Lightbox

Auto Rotate: This option will make the slides change at a specified interval.

Previous and Next Buttons: This will add buttons to the left and right of your slider allowing the user to flip through the sliders pictures.

Bullet Navigation: This will add bullets at the bottom of the slider that show which picture you are on and allow the user to click and choose which picture to display.

Progress Bar: This will display a thin bar at the top of your slider that will show how many pictures you have cycled through.

Down Arrow: This will show an arrow on the slider that, when clicked, will direct you to a new part of the page.

Keyboard Navigation: This allows the user to use arrow keys to navigate the slider

MediaSlider Movement

How to Insert the media slider onto a page

After you are done creating the media slider, you can implement it using the media slider element.


media slider location

You can then select the corresponding slider and you are good to go.