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SociaLute Resources

Bjug Day banner

Welcome Bjug Day SociaLutes!

Thank you for volunteering to be a SociaLute social media ambassador for PLU’s Bjug Day of Giving! You are the key to our campaign’s success. Your participation helps elevate and spread the word about Bjug Day — and about all the things to love about PLU. We are deeply grateful to have your enthusiasm, time and support in making this special day of giving a success.

On this page, you will find a range of resources to help you to be a SociaLute superhero. Feel free to download images or copy and paste messaging for sharing directly from this page. It’s yours to use as you see fit!


For logistics questions, please feel free to contact Jayne Berglund, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, at jberglund@plu.edu or 253.535.7447.

PLU’s Bjug Day of Giving Goals

Bjug Day of Giving is PLU’s fun, philanthropic tradition during which Lutes from near and far come together to financially support student scholarships and what they love most about PLU. This year, our goal is to engage 1,400 donors. Gifts of any size to any area of PLU are welcome and will be matched with a gift to student scholarships. 

Getting Started on GiveCampus

PLU uses the GiveCampus social fundraising platform for the Bjug Day of Giving. By creating your own GiveCampus account, you will be able to track the impact of your outreach to other Lutes. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1:  Create a GiveCampus user account

The first step to becoming an Advocate is to create and/or log into a GiveCampus user account. Head to the Bjug Day campaign page and enter your information — be sure to select Pacific Lutheran University from the ‘College’ drop down menu.

Create your account screenshot

Step 2: Consider your own gift

When your friends and family see that you’ve made a gift to any area you love at PLU, they’ll be more likely to do the same. As part of your gift, you might consider offering a ‘Challenge’ or ‘Match’. Challenges are simple and relatively non-specific. Matches allow you to target your giving a bit more.

  • Challenge gift: choose your dollar amount and select if you want the challenge to be based on the number of donors or dollars who give to Bjug Day overall (either by midnight on Oct. 16 or at an earlier deadline of your choice).   
  • Matching gift: choose your dollar amount and select how you would like to use it as a match ($1 for $1 for instance, or $1 per 1 donor). Matches offer you the opportunity to match gifts based on where you want your gift to go, affiliation (alumni, parent, staff or faculty, etc.) or your class year. 

Once you set up your Challenge or Match, you will be given a unique link you can share with your friends and family. Easy peasy! 

Matching gifts button Create your match

Step 3: Share the campaign link using the built-in sharing buttons

The built-in sharing buttons (located underneath the campaign video and on the ‘Advocates’ tab) generate a campaign link that is unique to you. When you use these buttons to share the campaign link while logged into your GiveCampus user account, the number of clicks, gifts, and dollars generated by your outreach will be tracked next to your name on the Advocates tab (this is how you can unlock prizes). Share on Facebook and Twitter to blast your friends’ feeds with news about the campaign, and share over text and email to make direct, can’t-ignore,  peer-to-peer asks. Share early and share often!

Advocate statistics

Check Out this GiveCampus Advocate Tutorial

Access the SociaLute Social Media Toolkit

Access the toolkit for in-depth information for being a successful SociaLute. This toolkit contains:

  • Bjug Day Overview
  • Quick References & Resources
  • SociaLute Responsibilities
  • Optional SociaLute Contest (you could win prizes & swag!)
  • SociaLute Timeline
  • Getting Set Up on GiveCampus
  • Uploading a Personal Plea on GiveCampus
  • Hashtags
  • Sample Social Media Posts
  • Images for Social Media
  • Inspiration

Compete in the SociaLute Contest

We’re turning up the Bjug Day excitement with a SociaLute Contest! Entry is optional, but you’ll miss out on some exciting prizes if you don’t participate…

Rules of Play


To enter, sign up to become an “Advocate” on PLU’s giving page. See the “Getting Started on GiveCampus” section of the SociaLute Toolkit & Resource Guide. We encourage all SociaLutes to participate in this optional contest!


  • Bjug beard, Bjug cutout and PLU heart (scroll to the bottom of this page to print your own!)
  • SociaLute Toolkit & Resource Guide (it’s this document you’re reading)
  • Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter
  • A little excitement and motivation (don’t worry, we’ve got you covered — see the ‘Actions & Unlocks’ and ‘Challenge Winners’ sections.)


Encourage participation among other Lutes and your friends and family in PLU’s Bjug Day of Giving — and, of course, win swag and prizes along the way.


  1. Sign up as an “Advocate” on GiveCampus, PLU’s giving platform (See the “Getting Started on GiveCampus” section of the SociaLute Toolkit & Resource Guide.)
  2. Familiarize yourself with the SociaLute Toolkit and these SociaLute Contest Rules of Play (you’re already doing it — good job!)
  3. Start posting on social media!
  4. Give yourself EXTRA kudos for giving back to the PLU community!

How to Play

To play, you’ll take various actions online that will give you a chance to unlock exciting prizes and PLU swag. 

Actions & Unlocks

Actions and unlocks

Overall Contest Winners

Overall contest winners

Bjug Day of Giving Campaign Link

For easy reference, here is the link we will be directing PLU alumni and friends to: www.plu.edu/givebjug

Images to Download and Share on Social Media

Facebook — Bjug Profile Photo

Facebook Bjug Profile Photo

Facebook — “I Gave to What I Love” Cover Photo

Facebook Cover Photo I Gave To What I Love


Facebook — “Give to What You Love” Cover Photo

Give to What You Love Facebook Banner


Facebook / Instagram – “I Gave to What I Love” Profile Photo / Post

Facebook or Instagram Post

Facebook / Instagram – “Give to What You Love” Profile Photo / Post

Give to What You Love Facebook or Instagram Post

Twitter – “I Gave to What I Love” Cover Photo

I Gave to What I Love Twitter Banner

Twitter – “Give to What You Love” Cover Photo

Give to What You Love Twitter Banner


Facebook Frames

Get into the Bjug Day spirit by adding a frame to your Facebook profile (click the images below to add to your Facebook profile).

Bjug beard filter for Snapchat    Give to what you love filter for Snapchat    Heart filter for Snapchat


Snapchat Filters

Find and use PLU’s Snapchat filters. Try on a Bjug beard, frame what you love in a heart or just show off your Bjug Day spirit with PLU’s Snapchat filters.

Snapchat QR code      Heart filter for Snapchat         Bjug beard filter for Snapchat


Images to Download and Print

You can download, print and cut out the images below to pose with in photos for social media. Have fun and be a little silly with these!

Bjug Beard

Bjug beard cutout

Bjug Day Heart Cut Out

PLU heart cutout

Bjug Harstad Cut Out

Bjug Harstad cutout