Bjug Day Timeline

Countdown to Oct. 19-20


One Month Out

  • MARK YOUR CALENDARS — Bjug Day is on October 19-20.
  • CHECK OUT THE SOCIALUTE  WEBSITE — This site contains graphics, photos and templates to help you boost the Bjug Day message. Have fun exploring the resources!
  • FOLLOW & ADJUST PRIVACY SETTINGS — Follow the PLU social media accounts on the Get Ready page. Adjust your social media privacy settings so PLU social media channels can view and re-share your posts.

One to Two Weeks Out

  • CREATE CONTENT — Review the sample posts and get inspired by posts from previous SociaLutes. Consider what content YOU want to create for Bjug Day. Take a few photos of you in your Lute gear with a beard or heart. Record a short video. The sky’s the limit!
  • SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT (optional) — If you want to track your impact as a SociaLute and be eligible to win prizes, you’ll need to set up an Advocate account on GiveCampus, which just takes a few minutes.
  • UPLOAD YOUR PERSONAL PLEA (optional) — After you’ve set up your account, record and upload a short video (<1 minute) of yourself to GiveCampus sharing what you love about PLU and encouraging others to join you in supporting PLU and PLU students.
  • START POSTING — Make sure your followers know that Bjug Day is coming and that you’re getting excited!

Week and Days Of!

  • TURN UP THE VOLUME — Aim to post updates 1-3 times a day during Bjug Day, including resharing any content from the PLU social media channels. Search for other #bjuday posts on social media and comment on them too.
  • PUSH FOR MILESTONES — If you signed up as a GiveCampus Advocate so you could track your impact and earn prizes, keep using your unique link and monitor how many clicks, gifts and dollars you’ve generated so far. Keep up the good work!

After Bjug Day

  • THANK — We’re SO GRATEFUL to you and will be sending thanks your way. Be sure to also thank the people who follow you for following along and for giving, if they could.
  • PICK YOUR PRIZES — If you signed up as a GiveCampus Advocate, we’ll be in touch about any prizes you’ve unlocked or earned. Those will be mailed to you in November.
  • SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK — Watch for a survey from us asking you how your experience was as a SociaLute. Your feedback will help us improve the process next year. Thank you for taking the time to respond.


Teddy Wingo

Assistant Director of Annual Giving

If you have any questions, I'm here to help. Please reach out to me by either sending an email to or calling 253-535-7447.

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