Wellness Access Plan

How does the PLU Wellness Access Plan differ from the PLU Insurance Plan that was offered in the past?

The past PLU Student Health Insurance plan offered coverage with a maximum benefit coverage of $5,000 for accidents and $1,000 for sickness. It did not cover any preventive health care visits. The PLU Wellness Access Plan is not insurance, but it functions in a similar manner. Unlike the previous PLU insurance plan, the PLU Wellness Access Plan will provide coverage for preventative health care, such as flu vaccines and physicals. For those who have a primary health insurance plan, the Wellness Access Plan serves in a similar manner to help with costs not covered by the primary plan. For those who do not have a plan, it can function as the first source of dollars to assist with health care costs.

I already have health insurance. How does this plan benefit me?

The Wellness Access Plan will help supplement health insurance. It can be used to cover insurance deductibles and other eligible out-of-pocket costs. For example, if primary insurance does not cover the cost of a medication or medically required vaccination, the Wellness Access Program may provide financial assistance with those costs. In addition, it can be used to assist with preventative care and dental costs. The plan also covers some of the Health Center services that were previously charged to student accounts.

Can I waive out of this plan?

No. There is no option to waive out of this plan. All domestic students are required to be enrolled. Students who are employees of the university and who obtain healthcare benefits from university, are not a part of the Wellness Access Plan. Staff at the Health Center will work with students who have insurance to help maximize the benefits of the Wellness Access Plan. Previously, students could waive the PLU Insurance policy if they could demonstrate a comparable outside medical insurance plan. That is not the case with the Wellness Access Plan. The plan is designed so students who have insurance can realize the benefits of this additional plan.

Does the Wellness Access Plan assist when overseas on an official PLU program?

As in the past, PLU continues to purchase foreign travel insurance for students studying on official PLU programs. The Wellness Access Plan would provide secondary financial assistance for medical care if an illness or accident occurred.

When does the plan start and end?

It is a 12-month plan, for students enrolled for both fall (August 1 – January 31) and spring (January 1 – July 31) semesters. The plan begins August 1st. International student Wellness Access Plan fees are covered through international student insurance.

How do I access the reimbursement for medical costs covered by the plan?

For services provided at the PLU Health Center, there is no need to complete any paperwork. For off-campus services, students must complete a claim form that will be sent to a third party adjuster, the National Accident & Health General Agency (NAGHA), for review and payment.

Where do I find private health insurance?

A list of insurance companies and their plans can be found here. We strongly encourage you to purchase a primary medical plan with adequate coverage. The Wellness Access Plan will help you with costs associated with accessing care and initial costs. Its limits are $1,000 per illness and $5,000 per accident.

Will the Health Center bill my private health insurance?

The PLU Health Center does not bill private insurers directly. As in the past, the Health Center will, however, provide all paperwork for students to bill outside insurers. Since there is no charge for Health Center office visits, there is no need to present an insurance card to visit the PLU Health Center.

Are there charges to use the Health Center or Counseling Center?

Visits to the Health Center and Counseling Center are free of charge. Both centers are designed to assist students with ongoing health and wellness while they study at PLU. These services are short-term and focused. If students have off-campus health care providers for either counseling services or medical services, both centers can help coordinate care and assist with implementing a primary care giver’s treatment plan.

Can I get a refund if I don’t use the plan?

No. There is no refund available with the Wellness Access Plan. Staff at the Health Center will be glad to work with students who would like help with maximizing the benefits of the Wellness Access Plan.