• February 12, 2020

Winter Meeting of the Board of Regents

Winter Meeting of the Board of Regents

Winter Meeting of the Board of Regents 150 150 Strategic Planning

The PLU Board of Regents held its winter meeting February 6-8, 2020.  The Board welcomed new member Bishop Laurie Larson Caesar (Portland, OR), and new student advisory member, Barbara Gilchrist, ASPLU vice president.

Board Actions

  • Appointed Allan Belton and Joanna Gregson to serve as members of the Board of Directors for the Benson Family Foundation.
  • Approved the change of the Department of Languages and Literatures’ “Hispanic Studies” program to the “Hispanic and Latino Studies” program, and approves the creation of a minor in Latino Studies, beginning in Fall 2020, as approved by Faculty Assembly on December 13, 2019.
  • Approved the changes of the interdisciplinary “Women’s and Gender Studies” program to the “Gender, Sexuality, and Race Studies” program, discontinues the existing major and minor in Women’s and Gender Studies for students declaring in Fall 2020 and after, and creates a new major in “Gender, Sexuality and Race Studies,” as well as two minors, one in “Gender and Sexuality Studies” and the other in “Critical Race Studies,” beginning in Fall 2020, pending approval by Faculty Assembly on February 14, 2020.
  • Approved the degree candidates for December 20, 2019 and January 31, 2020.
  • Approved the following candidates for tenure and promotion to the rank of Associate Professor: Tiffany M. Artime, Psychology; Wendy L. Call, English; Terri D. Farrar, Kinesiology; Wendy L. Gardiner, Education; Ronald C. Gerhardstein, Music; Alex R. Lechler, Geosciences; Jordan D. Levy, Anthropology; Lindsey A. Nice, Marriage and Family Therapy; Jennifer L. Rhyne, Music; Scott L. Rogers, English; David A. Simpson, Social Work; Katherine A. Wiley, Anthropology; and Dana L. Zaichkin, Nursing.
  • Approved the following candidate for tenure: Tom T. Smith, Theatre and Dance.
  • Approved the following candidates for promotion to the rank of Associate Professor: Laura S. McCloud, Sociology; and Krisztina Nagy, Economics.
  • Approved a resolution related to the limited guaranty for the refinancing of the Garfield Commons, LLC loan.
  • Authorized the release of funds from the proceeds from the refinancing of the Garfield Commons, LLC loan to be used for the School of Nursing Clinical Learning and Simulation Center.
  • Approved a resolution authorizing President Allan Belton to determine the most strategic and beneficial use of the funds from two undesignated estates.
  • Endorsed the ongoing work of the Provost Academic Council (PAC) and the administration in seeking substantive and innovative structural changes within the academic division with the goal of 1) creating a modern academic structure designed to attract and retain potential student populations; 2) providing appropriate administrative support for faculty so they can focus on the work of educating students; 3) aligning the structure with the priorities of the strategic plan; and 4) achieving efficiencies in administrative work and costs by more appropriately aligning with current and projected student enrollment.  The Board’s expectation is that PAC, in coordination with the President, bring forward a recommendation for academic restructure for final approval by faculty assembly no later than May 2020, and that the administration will take action to implement the new structure in time for the beginning of the academic year in September.

Key Reports
The Regents heard reports on enrollment management; progress on the nursing project and Garfield Commons; trends in student well-being; and an update on the strategic plan.  The Regents also participated in an interactive session led by members of the Presidential Commission on Innovation and Change, and took part in a tour of the Rieke Science Center.

Committee Activity

Academic Affairs
The committee discussed key items of the Strategic Plan, received an update on the General Education Program, the Accelerated Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, and the Office of Sponsored Research.  Dean of Inclusive Excellence Jennifer Smith provided a report on changes to the Hispanic Studies Program and a proposed change to the Women’s Studies and Gender Studies Program.

Budget, Finance, Audit & Compliance
Discussed the current FY 2020 budget, engaged Moss Adams, LLC to perform financial audits, and received an update report from Chief Operating Officer Teri Phillips on work within the Administrative Services Division, including the impact of the Strategic Plan on the division, the status of the Garfield Commons, LLC and the nursing remodel.  The committee also received an overview of insurance claims from FY 16 to FY 20.  Associate Vice President Patrick Gehring provided an update on the status of the Garfield Commons, LLC loan refinance.

Enrollment & Student Life
The committee heard an update on the Strategic Enrollment Management Plan, which included recruitment and retention dynamics as well as progress made on SEM Plan strategic priorities.  The committee also discussed and endorsed a proposed program review of Athletics that will make specific recommendations about program mix and related (re)allocation of resources.  ASPLU Vice President Barbara Gilchrist and RHA Vice President AJ Moore provided update reports on the work of both organizations.

Investment Committee
The committee discussed the Garfield Commons, LLC Partnership and reviewed the portfolio’s 4th quarter performance.  The endowment currently stands at $106 million.

University Relations
Received a report on FY 20 Gifts and Commitments, Constituent Engagement work with students and alumni, and the School of Nursing Clinical Learning and Simulation Center construction and fundraising.  The committee also discussed the use of funds from undesignated estates and trusts, and the newly adopted Regent giving process.

Additional reports were presented by Dr. Michelle Ceynar, faculty chair; Dr. Sara Kass, Alumni Board representative; Todd Dizon, ASPLU president and Barbara Gilchrist, ASPLU vice president.  Dean of Inclusive Excellence Jennifer Smith and Associate Vice President for Diversity, Justice, and Sustainability Angie Hambrick also provided a report on their work across campus.

The next meeting of the Board of Regents will be held on campus May 7-9, 2020.