Alumni News

Malia Oshiro '13, teaching in her classroom at Kentridge HS

The Prologue

Malia Oshiro ’13 teaches from a hard-fought place of pride. She didn’t always tout her first-generation status proudly. Now, it’s the first thing she tells her students. Learn more about this teacher and her struggle to embrace her first-in-the-family identity.

Isaiah Huey ’20 and Brian Laubach ’84 ’95

The PLU Connection

Brian Laubach ’84 ’95 and Isaiah Huey ’20 attended PLU three decades apart. All it took was some casual conversation to bridge the generational gap. That’s the power of the PLU connection. Listen to the exchange between two Lutes who come from different backgrounds, but share similar PLU experiences.

Someone pouring a glass of wine while two people in the background read a paper

Homecoming 2018

When was the last time you stood in Red Square, hiked up Hinderlie hill, cheered “Attaway!” or listened to a lecture in Xavier? Don’t miss this chance to connect with new Lutes and their families and reunite with your friends.

Bjug Harstad designed in pixel format

Bjug Day

Because of you, we closed our books on the most successful Bjug Day yet. Now, let’s make the fifth annual Bjug Day the most successful yet! Learn more and submit a survey.

PLU students and alumni pose for a picture outside Amazon headquarters

Inside Amazon

Current students venture inside the world of Amazon to connect with PLU alumni working at the tech giant. Read more about their experience and the connections made.