Spotlight: Student-Faculty Research

Shaping Health Care

Introducing PLU’s first Doctor of Nursing Practice cohort

Landon Packard '17, poses with the lights and a Puyallup PD car behind

Emotional Labor

Landon Packard ’17 says it’s time to rescue the rescuers. The sociology major researched first responders’ emotional labor — the process of managing emotions to satisfy the requirements of a job.

Sachsenhausen Concentration camp in Sachsenhausen, Germany near Berlin

Protectors Turned Perpetrators

Sophia Mahr ’18 analyzed how and why medical providers repeatedly and deliberately harmed people in the name of medical science by conducting non-consensual experiments on their subjects.

Prof. Gina Hames and Sandra Estrada work in the library at PLU

Rigorous project inspires first-year's path

A happy accident landed Sandra Estrada ’20 in her “Global Human Rights” course. It resulted in research on child mortality in sub-Saharan Africa, which she presented at an academic symposium at PLU.