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PLU President Thomas W. Krise, Ph.D., says cultivating hospitality is a key aspect of gathering around the table and enjoying a meal. It is one of the greatest qualities of a human being to possess a sense of hospitality, something that is almost becoming a lost art.



At PLU, the philosophy of food involves educating students, faculty and staff about social justice, sustainability and community. The university works to create a dining experience that takes into account nourishment, conversation, tablescapes and the company.

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Tasting Menu

Explore PLU’s tasting menu, featuring a selection of businesses owned by Lutes who build community around quality wine and food. Alumni share the stories behind their businesses, as well as the passion for their craft.

A la carte

À la Carte

Explore a variety of standalone features on PLU’s à la carte menu of Lute-owned businesses. From coffee to entrées to desserts, these alumni work hard to perfect their tasty products.