Brian C. Olson Student Leadership Award

Peterson is a senior from Seattle majoring in Fine Arts. Her sister, Amanda (Peterson) Negi ’11, and her father, Michael Peterson ’80, attended PLU.

Peterson has worked in the Office of Alumni and Constituent Relations for three years, including two summers. As a student intern, she is an outstanding ambassador for PLU. Peterson’s favorite part of her job is chatting up alumni and constituents—she has terrific interpersonal skills, and her enthusiasm for Pacific Lutheran University has made her an exceptional intern. In the last year, she took on extra responsibilities in the office, which led to her promotion to Student Lead.

For her senior year, Peterson was on the PLU Student Advisory Board to the Dean of the School of Arts and Communication, where she served as a source of student advice to the Dean and as a student ambassador for prospective SOAC students. It is this kind of extra involvement at PLU that proves her commitment to PLU, and to furthering PLU’s mission.

(Photo: Sam Hosman)Lauren Peterson '14+Enlarge Photo