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Featured / January 22, 2014

A Time To Restart, Renew and Refresh

We have no idea how it turned into September already, but if the days are going to insist on shortening and the skies are going to persist in clouding, the least we can do is brighten up the month with some exciting PLU news.

So, to coincide with the start of a brand-new school year at PLU—the 125th(!), speaking of time flying—we warmly welcome you to the first-ever online-only “refresh” of ResoLUTE!

The idea of the “refresh” is to keep you up to date between editions—it’s not a whole new magazine … yet: The next all-new through-and-through ResoLUTE, in print and online, comes out the week of Nov. 17. But in the meantime, we have stories to share that can’t wait another couple of months.

Our “refresh”ing cover story is a Homecoming 2014 preview package featuring PLU’s original rock band, The Deacons, which formed here in 1964, found real success—and unites at PLU on Oct. 4 as headliners for the Homecoming Fall Festival.

You’ll also find:

  • the story behind PLU’s (literally) huge new outdoor campaign, which is spreading the Lute word far and wide, high and low, on more than 100 giant billboards (and on a light-rail Link train) throughout the Puget Sound;
  • exciting new developments at PLU’s Rainier Writing Workshop;
  • details on the prestigious Norwegian art exhibition at the Scandinavian Cultural Center; and
  • a preview of PLU’s influential Lutheran Studies Conference.

As always, we love to hear your feedback, story ideas and comments—here, on the ResoLUTE website; via email to resolute@plu.edu; or over a good old-fashioned landline (253-535-8410).

Thanks very much for reading, and we’ll see you again in November!

—Sandy Deneau Dunham
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ResoLUTE editor

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