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The thermometer is hopping between 100 and 110 degrees in a church courtyard in El Limonal, Nicaragua, where a team from PLU is installing a well to bring clean water to the community. The trip, though, also was about building relationships— connections that ended up changing these Lutes forever.

By Barbara Clements

TED Fellow

After hearing Katie Hunt’s story—of survival, determination, success, worldwide acclaim and infinite promise—you’re likely to experience one of two powerful reactions: The desire to share her inspiring story with the whole planet. Or… the desire to ponder what, exactly, you’ve done with your life lately. Let’s go with the first, shall we?

By Sandy Deneau Dunham

Positive Prankster

It may sound like a stretch, but the eradication of smallpox is directly connected to a young man slipping chewed-up rubber bands into his boss’ pipe tobacco. That young man was Bill Foege ’57, aka Dr. William Foege, now 78, a public-health legend and recipient of the 2012 Presidential Medal of Freedom.

By Tom Paulson ’80

The Voice

When Stephanie Anne Johnson ’06 walks into a room, you might not notice at first. With her quiet, humble and unassuming nature, she easily could slip past those expecting a “star.” She’s the same on stage as she is in person: a delightfully authentic superstar-in-the-making who has stayed true to herself.

By Stefanie Ellis

Attaway Lutes

By her own admission, Samantha Potter ’14 used to be a dress-every-day “girly girl,” but for the last four years, she’s probably worn more sports uniforms than anything else. Potter is a double athlete at Pacific Lutheran University, where she competes on the women’s basketball team and the track team—and excels at both.

By Valery Jorgensen ’15

Editor’s Note

Happy Spring! (Finally!) In this season of joyous renewal, I’m thrilled to introduce the inaugural issue of PLU’s redesigned, reimagined, renamed university magazine: RESOLUTE.

By Sandy Deneau Dunham