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What Was/Is It Like To Be [____] On Campus

Thirteen student leaders and alumni share how identity and activism has changed throughout the decades at PLU.

By Lace Smith

The Call

PLU exists at the intersection of spiritual diversity in the Pacific Northwest. The university builds on that foundation as it reshapes its Campus Ministry program and seeks a new long-term pastor.

By John Rosenberg

This Is Design School

Chad P. Hall ’10 and Associate Professor of Art & Design Jp Avila have launched a podcast that covers topics such as design careers, designers journeys and how they got into their field.

By Chris Albert

Open to Interpretation

PLU’s podcast “Open to Interpretation,” which debuted in late August 2015, explores the meanings and implications of words commonly used in news, on social media and on college campuses.

By Sandy Deneau Dunham

Attaway Lutes

Every summer, PLU men’s basketball coach Steve Dickerson assigns his team a book to read – something sports-related that provides a literary lesson. The most recent lesson landed them on the water.

By Lisa Patterson


In our culture that’s focused on the present, the thought of considering something from the past can sound antiquated. After all, the past is dead and gone, right? Maybe for some, but not for everyone.

By Dr. Samuel Torvend