Strengthen your community.

CheckFive is a social media campaign with one simple goal: to remake a network among all displaced Lutes to help us care for and connect with each other during the coronavirus crisis and beyond. Who are five members of the PLU community that you want to reach out to right now? Let’s check in on our people, PLU!

For the Community

Here we go

1. Choosing your Five

Take a look at the friends that you have immediately contacted since the coronavirus showed up in the PNW. Now think about who you haven’t heard from in a while. Community is made by the people within it. Community gives us strength. CheckFive is a call to connect to five folks who you haven’t connected with since we have been on remote learning.

An idea in thinking about your 5. Choose 1 person:
  1. Who you’ve known your whole time at PLU
  2. Who you miss seeing around campus
  3. Who you want to make sure knows that you really see and value them
  4. Who you would like to stay connected with beyond this spring
  5. You just met this year
Post with the hashtag #CheckFive

2. Re-share to encourage other Lutes to connect

Post a short 15-second video on social: Who are YOUR five? #CheckFive

Reach out and don't touch someone

3. Ideas on how to connect

Think about what connection tools you have available to you. Do you have their social media handle, phone number or email? Finding their name in the directory can be an easy first step to connect (since most of our community members have a PLU email). Is technology becoming “too much”? Can you ask for their physical address and send them a letter?

Small talk saves the day

4. Ideas to start a conversation

Starting a conversation can be a bit nerve-racking even at the best of times. However, once you break the ice, an organic conversation flow can take place.
Break the ice by asking simple questions. For example: How’s the weather over there? How are classes going? Or simply ask, How’s life treating you? Let small talk be your conversation opener.

In this together