Care Network
Dean of Students

Student Care Network Information

Mission Statement

The Student Care Network (SCN) works with the PLU community to proactively connect with students and partners for a successful academic, social, and emotional experience at PLU. SCN will accomplish this by:

  • Providing one point of contact (SCN Report) for all community members to share any concerns regarding a student;
  • Working with established PLU systems to outreach to the student, provide support, and refer as appropriate;
  • Collaborating and partnering with families and local agencies as necessary;
  • Following up with the reporter to “close the loop” and to share responses to concerns and outcomes as they are known;
  • Assessing responsiveness of established PLU systems and making recommendations for improvements and updates to policy, process, availability of resources, and other relevant systemic features.

Statement of Purpose

  • SCN will provide one outlet for faculty, staff, students, and parents/guardians to report any concern (academic, emotional, physical, social) related to the well-being of a PLU student.
  • SCN will connect with the student of concern and provide resources, support, and assistance as appropriate.
  • SCN will work with campus partners to support a culture of care and response for all community members.
  • SCN will focus on creating a healthy and safe learning environment for all students on the PLU campus, both on an individual level and at the community level.
  • SCN will provide proactive intervention for PLU students and assist in providing resources to help students gain the skills and resources they need to be effective and successful at PLU and beyond.