Division of Enrollment Management


The Division of Enrollment Management serves Pacific Lutheran University by attracting, enrolling, supporting, and graduating students for lives of thoughtful inquiry, service, leadership, and care.  As professionals, we accomplish this work by admitting a talented, diverse group of students, creating access through financial aid, and providing the tools, information, and support that foster persistence and success.


In order to promote enrollment, persistence, and graduation, we will strive to provide an exceptional student experience through enhanced coordination between all offices in the Division of Enrollment Management. We aim to create innovative solutions to minimize barriers to access and success, empower students to navigate administrative processes and policy, engage in data driven decision making, and support the strategic enrollment objectives of Pacific Lutheran University.


Accountability and Transparency – to students, their families, University colleagues, and state and federal entities.

Adaptability and Collaboration – to adapt to changing environments, engage with new ideas, processes, and structures; to strengthen existing partnerships and incorporate diverse points of view.

Data-Driven Decision Making – to guide practice and inform policy through the collection and analysis of precise and accurate data.

Diversity and Inclusion – to appreciate, respect, and incorporate in our work the multiple ways of knowing and learning in order to cultivate an environment that is intellectually and culturally inclusive.

High Expectations and Strong Support – to foster a culture of excellence, mutual respect, and productivity while supporting our colleagues, our students, and ourselves; to support staff empowerment through professional development opportunities.

Integrity – to ensure ethical practice and professionalism in all our endeavors.

Stewardship – to use our resources wisely and efficiently; with both care and appreciation.