Mailing & Shipping

The staff in Mail Services & Shipping are responsible for managing campus mail, domestic and international mail, bulk mail, shipping and receiving and maintenance of the warehouse.

For your mailing and shipping needs, customer service maintains the service desk, billing, financial records and bookkeeping for the Mailing & Shipping Group. Call them for questions concerning postal rates, charges on any of your job tickets or Banner entries.

Mail Policy and Procedures

Sending mail and packages to Pacific Lutheran University
Family and friends are strongly cautioned not to send cash, checks, gift cards and any other valuable items via United States Post Office First-Class Mail without taking some extra precautions. In order to ensure safe delivery of such items, the university recommends the use of a tracking number, certified or other insured process. The extra services are offered by the USPS and express shipping companies Federal Express and UPS. The university also offers Amazon Lockers for the secure delivery of small and large packages. The Amazon Lockers are only for packages purchased and shipped from Amazon.

Damaged or tampered mail procedure
The PLU Mail Services team will, to the best of its ability, identify any damaged or tampered USPS First-Class Mail at the post office each morning. The USPS will mark the mail as damaged in transit before arriving to PLU. PLU Mail Services will contact the recipient to pick up the damaged mail at Mail Services where it will be held for 72 hours. At the end of the 72 hour period, it will be sent back to the post office which will return it to the sender. It is the responsibility of the recipient to contact the USPS for further investigation and follow up.

Damaged or tampered package service (UPS, Fed Ex, USPS-certified) procedure
If packages are received in damaged condition, PLU Mail Services will document and photograph the damage in order to provide this information to the recipient should they need to file a claim with the delivery company. In cases of significant package damage, PLU Mail Services may choose to refuse package delivery; this is rare and, should it occur, we will notify the customer of the action taken on their behalf.