Marketing & Communications

Marketing and Communications is PLU’s in-house marketing, creative, digital, and communications management group. We lead initiatives and major projects on behalf of the university and also serve as the key strategic marketing partner to external-facing PLU departments.

In Marcom and at PLU, diversity is intrinsic to the vitality of learning, resilience and growth. Marcom welcomes team members from historically underrepresented and minoritized groups, and others who would bring broadly diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds in educational, research or other work activities.

Content Development

The campus news, news briefs and feature stories that appear on the Web and in many PLU print publications are written and managed by the Marketing & Communications Content Development Group. They also maintain the news library and provide photo services.

The team focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain constituents. We maintain PLU social media channels and produce video content.


The Design Group provides art direction and graphic design for all major university print publications and Web presence.

Web Design & Development

The Web Design & Development team creates, builds and maintains all public-facing web pages and other web-based applications and services.

Customer Service, Copy Center & Mail Services

Customer Service will assist you with placing orders, scheduling services and tracking job progress for your communication projects. The Copy Center works with all departments photocopying PLU projects. The staff in Mail Services are responsible for managing campus mail, domestic and international mail, bulk mail, shipping and receiving and maintenance of the warehouse.