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Welcome to the Counseling Center

The PLU Counseling Center is a free mental health counseling resource available to all currently enrolled students.  (Although we are not affiliated with the Couple and Family Therapy Center, a community resource near PLU, we do collaborate and give referrals to the CFT Center.)

We are located on the third floor of the Loren and MaryAnn Anderson University Center.  During the academic year, we are open Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.  (Our office is closed from Christmas Eve through New Years Day.)

Summer hours:  During the summer, we are open for administrative purposes with limited clinical services available (walk-in hours are not available during the summer).  Please call ahead to determine availability as schedules may change.

Summer services:  Previously established clients enrolled during summer or the upcoming fall may utilize our services during the summer.  Graduate students not enrolled in future classes are ineligible for services following graduation.  New students enrolled in Summer Semester may utilize our services during the summer.  Newly incoming students for Fall Semester may utilize our services beginning the first week of Fall Semester.

** For urgent mental health support after business hours (including weekends and holidays), contact the Counseling Center Crisis Line at 253-535-7075.

You will be connected with a crisis line professional who works closely with our office.  PLU Residence Hall staff are also encouraged to utilize this line to assist residents needing urgent mental health support after hours.

** For EMERGENCIES (an immediate threat of harm to yourself or someone else), call PLU Campus Safety at 253-535-7911 or 911 immediately.

We at PLU recognize that college presents a wide range of challenges.  College is a time for personal growth, learning, and self-knowledge, but it isn’t always easy.  Some students need a place to develop coping skills for social, academic, and personal growth.  Other students face more complex problems like anxiety, depression, and similar concerns.

Our experienced team of licensed psychologists and mental health counselors is well prepared to help you make the most of your educational experience.  All services are provided at no charge and are available for PLU students who are currently enrolled in classes.  We also extend emotional support for undocumented students as well as those students impacted by undocumented family or friends.

Scheduling Your First Appointment

To schedule an appointment, please call 253-535-7206 or come to our office.  Due to confidentiality concerns, we do not schedule appointments over email.

Your first appointment will serve as a “screening intake” visit.  This means that you will meet with a licensed psychologist or mental health counselor to talk about your concerns and determine the best plan of action.  We offer a courtesy text reminder service, however it is always your responsibility to remember your own appointment time and to arrive at the Counseling Center on time.  Please also ensure that you review our Attendance Policy.

Medications and Physical Well-being

The Counseling Center remains cognizant of the mind/body connection.  All of the Counseling Center staff work closely with the PLU Health Center to coordinate care that encompasses your mental and physical health.  For students who may require evaluation for psychiatric medication, the psychologists and mental health counselors can make referrals either to the PLU Health Center or to other healthcare providers both on- and off-campus.


The Counseling Center cares deeply about maintaining your privacy and confidentiality.  An elevator within the Loren and MaryAnn Anderson University Center provides access to the Counseling Center so that you may bypass the front hall stairway.

We share a common commitment to care for our students.  At the Counseling Center, we support student success by fostering a trusting, confidential relationship.  Mental health information is distinct from FERPA.  As licensed Mental Health professionals, we are legally bound by state statute to safeguard any and all information including whether a student has been seen or not.  We are happy to work with faculty and staff to coordinate care for students when there is a release of information in place.  You may print this Authorization to Obtain/Disclose Information form and invite the student to sign it; you are also free to go directly to the student.  We are always happy to collaborate without disclosing if we have a relationship with the student.

Referring a Student to the Counseling Center

We encourage parents, faculty, staff, and peers to refer students to the Counseling Center.  Due to confidentiality laws and policies, we cannot schedule an appointment for a student by a third party.  A student who wishes to visit the Counseling Center must contact the Counseling Center directly.  If you wish to help a student, you are welcome to accompany a student to our office, or accompany the student while making a phone call to schedule an appointment.

Inclement Weather

CHWS follows the university’s lead on late openings and/or closures due to inclement or severe weather.  Please be aware that communication from our office is limited during these situations (and likely suspended if the university is closed).  Availability of office staff, counselors, and clinicians are also likely to be adversely affected and schedules modified.

  • If classes are cancelled and the university is closed due to inclement weather, your scheduled appointment will also be cancelled and our offices closed.  Office staff will not be available to contact clients to reschedule appointments.
  • If the university opens late or closes early, CHWS will be on the same schedule — i.e. if the campus has a 2-hour delayed start, our offices will not open until 10:00am.
  • Appointments will be considered cancelled during a weather-related university closure.  We will do our best to reschedule appointments affected by the closure.
  • Students will not be penalized for missing an appointment on a day that classes are cancelled or have a delayed start.

If you have an urgent mental health need during a time that we are closed, please follow instructions above in red box.