Hours and Availability

During the course of the regular academic year, PLU Counseling Services’ front desk is available Monday – Friday, 8:00am-noon and 1:00-5:00pm (closed during the lunch hour).  On Fridays, the front desk is available via phone only and the main office is closed.*

PLU Counseling Services is also closed on holidays recognized by the university and during the following situations:

*Counseling services available Mon-Thurs only.

Winter Break

All PLU offices, including Counseling Services and Health Services, as a part of PLU Wellbeing Services and Resources (WSR), are closed from Christmas Eve through New Years Day.

Inclement Weather / University Closure

PLU Counseling Services follows the university’s lead on late openings and/or closures due to inclement or severe weather.  If the university is closed, we are as well.

Please be aware that communication from our office is limited during these situations (and likely suspended if the university is closed).  Availability of office staff, counselors, and clinicians are also likely to be adversely affected and schedules modified.

  • If classes are cancelled and the university is closed due to inclement weather, your scheduled appointment will also be cancelled and our offices closed.  Office staff will not be available to contact clients to reschedule appointments.
  • If the university opens late or closes early, PLU Counseling Services will be on the same schedule — i.e. if the campus has a 2-hour delayed start, our offices will not open until 10:00am.

Appointments will be considered cancelled during a weather-related university closure.  We will do our best to reschedule appointments affected by the closure.

Students will not be penalized for missing an appointment on a day that classes are cancelled or have a delayed start.

Please consider using TimelyCare services during a university closure.

24/7 Support

PLU students have the following additional options for receiving 24/7 mental health services:

TimelyCare (click here for details)

All currently enrolled students may access TimelyCare services (free account activation required – use PLU credentials).  TimelyCare provides a broader range of options for the PLU student (e.g., access to care for students currently located out of state, broader diversity of provider characteristics, and appointment availability).

  • For students living out-of-state, please use TimelyCare to be connected to a counselor or medical provider.
  • TimelyCare provides easy access to medical and mental health services (online or by telephone) at any time via on-demand and scheduled appointments.  We encourage you to connect with this service as it fits for you.
PLU Crisis Line

Students in need of urgent mental health support have access 24-hours a day to telephone-based support.  The Crisis Line provides a triage service to assess the nature of student’s presenting concerns and help students identify next steps to support their health and safety.

  • Call (253) 535-7075 to speak with a counselor immediately.

2023 Summer Availability

Beginning June 1st, PLU Counseling Services transitions to a new office schedule:

    • Open Mondays through Thursdays.
    • Office hours: 8:00am-noon and 1:00-5:00pm (closed for lunch).
    • PLU Counseling Services is closed the whole month of July.

TimelyCare telehealth services and the PLU crisis line (253-535-7075) are available for all enrolled students, per eligibility (see below).

Review 24/7 Support options for service availability during our closures. 

Eligibility for Summer Services

  • Continuing students enrolled during Summer term or the upcoming Fall semester:
    • may utilize Counseling Services and Health Services during the summer
    • are eligible for care with TimelyCare 24/7/365
  • Students who graduate in May:
    • are eligible for care with TimelyCare until August 1st
    • are ineligible for Counseling Services and Health Services post-graduation (date of graduation)
  • New incoming students for Fall Semester:
    • are eligible for care with TimelyCare as of the early arrival / move to campus dates, once the following criteria are met:
      • the enrollment deposit has been made, and
      • they are registered for Fall classes
    • may begin utilizing Counseling Services and Health Services as of the early arrival / move to campus dates, once the following criteria are met:
      • the enrollment deposit has been made, and
      • they are registered for Fall classes
  • Students enrolled in a PLUS Year are eligible for Counseling Services and Health Services during the summer.

Support When Offices Are Closed

For urgent mental health support when offices are closed, please call the PLU Crisis Line at 253-535-7075.

Additional resources listed below at “24/7 Support” or click the image above to access free TimelyCare telehealth services.