Transferring Credits

Direct Transfer Agreements

PLU accepts transfer degrees from community colleges in Washington (AA-DTA), Oregon (AAOT), and California (AA-T & AS-T). If you complete one of these degrees, PLU will accept your degree as a block of credits, you will be granted automatic junior standing.

Class by Class Equivalency

PLU has a generous credit transfer policy. If a course is similar to one taught at PLU, it is likely to transfer. To be certain which of your own credits will transfer, apply for admission to PLU (part of the admission review is an official transcript evaluation to assess for transferable credits).

Additional Information

Transferable college-level credit must be from regionally accredited colleges or universities.
PLU is on a semester calendar. Typically, 45 quarter credits (one full academic year) will transfer to PLU as 30 semester credits.

Equivalency Guide

See how classes from other colleges and universities transfer to PLU.

Interactive Transfer Guide

This guide will show you how your credits transfer and how they fulfill PLU’s general education requirements.

Washington 2 Year Colleges to PLU

Find transfer guides for PLU’s most transfer friendly majors for a number of regional Washington 2 year colleges.