Welcome to Facilities Management

The Facilities Management Department of Pacific Lutheran University encompasses Cleaning Services, Grounds Services, Maintenance Services, Stage Services, Environmental Services and Construction Services.

At Facilities Management, we are committed to providing a foundation for the campus that will support and enrich the lives of our community. We have been blessed with a highly talented and dedicated staff who continuously work to fulfill this endeavor and to make PLU a special place for all who come here.

It is our sincere hope that as you walk our grounds and visit our facilities you will have the unique opportunity to reflect, interact, and experience the academic excellence of Pacific Lutheran University.

Mission Statement

To develop and maintain an environment that promotes academic and life growth through quality customer service.

Office Motto

The core of the Facilities Management office is built on a mutual respect for all individuals and a willingness to learn from the diversity that surrounds us. We strive daily to provide quality service while we meet the ever-changing needs of Pacific Lutheran University.

Vision Statement

Facilities Management is committed to providing the Pacific Lutheran University community with an environment that is pleasant, comfortable, safe, and which meets the needs of the university. We are dedicated to providing our services to the university efficiently, cost effectively, and to providing accurate data on Facilities Management issues so that the university can maximize the use of its resources.

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