Move-Out is a time at the end of the school year when students living in the Residence Halls on campus move out of their rooms. This is a time when a lot of items are purged and need a place to go. During this time, PLU’s Waste Diversion department in association with Residential Life does its best to maintain our high waste diversion rate, by making access to recycling and donation venues easy.
The Waste Diversion Department works with various charities to find a way to divert just about everything we can from the landfill, including non-perishable food items, toiletries, and furniture items.

Move-Out can be a hectic time each year as students are both studying for finals and preparing to leave their residence halls. To help ease this stress, the waste diversion department is working to create the simplest system we can for waste disposal. For specific information regarding this year’s move-out (maps of where dumpsters are located, and specific instructions for each hall) check out the documents on the right.

Move-Out FAQ

Will there be a way to donate items earlier than Move-Out week?

YES! In every Residence Hall, there are donation boxes in the laundry rooms. Boxes are emptied every week.

Why are the recycling rooms in my hall closed?

The Waste Diversion department closes recycling rooms in residence halls during move-out to help minimize mess and overflow. The department is largely staffed by student employees, who, like you, are studying for finals and preparing to move out themselves. As such, we do not necessarily have the staff required to empty every single residence hall recycling room everyday as would be needed during move out.
Instead of having each residence recycling room overflow, we choose to have recycling dumpsters placed near each residence hall for students to dispose of their recycling. To find the nearest recycling dumpster to your hall please see the quick links above.

What can I put in the Food bin?

The Tacoma Rescue Mission accepts any unopened non-perishable food item, such as: peanut butter, mac and cheese, ramen, oatmeal, and any canned goods.

What can I put in the Toiletries bin?

Tacoma Rescue Mission accepts new OR partially used items such as shampoo, body wash, q-tips, toothpaste and deodorant. Don’t want to pack and take home that half full shampoo? Drop it in the Toiletries bin!

What can I put in the School Supplies Bin?

The Tacoma Rescue Mission accepts a variety of different school supplies such as, backpacks, erasers, spiral notebooks, composition notebooks, folders, 3-ring binders, pencils, pens, notebook and graph paper, calculators and more!

Why is there a PLU Dining bin?

We have found throughout the years that PLU dining items (such as plates, cups, bowls, and silverware) find their way from the commons to student rooms. In order to get as much of these items back to Dining as possible we make it easy for you and have a collection bin in the lobby of your hall so you don’t even have to walk to the AUC to bring back those dishes!

Who can I contact if I'm not sure where to dispose of an item?

The Waste Diversion department would love to help you figure out how to properly dispose of your items this move-out! If you have an item that doesn’t quite fit any of the defined categories feel free to contact us at or 253-535-7170.