Hey PLU Clubs & Orgs!

Due to on-going and anticipated concerns regarding COVID-19, this summer we will be updating our website with important information, including a Tool Kit, to assist student leaders in Clubs & Orgs this Fall in providing a blended approach to in person and virtual meetings, events, etc.

Safety will be our first priority. In partnership with the PLU Health Center, we will share and assist student leaders in following all recommendations from the CDC, WA State,  and the Tacoma/Pierce County Health Department.

We are still here for you all, if you have any questions or concerns email us at clubs@plu.edu.


  1. On-campus events currently need to be approved before moving forward. (more details to come in the tool kit).
  2. It is transition report time; we know these can be overwhelming. Check in with us through our email if you don’t have a Transition Report. Also if you were a leader in the club this past year, but didn’t have time to create a transition report here is a Club Transition Report template you can copy and edit to create your Club transition report.
  3. Early 2020-2021 Club Registration is live! If you have transitioned your club, and conducted officer elections for next school year, you can register your club in the Early Registration 2020-2021 form
  4. We will be asking and assisting as needed, for each Club & Org to prepare a short 5-10 minute video about your group and how to get involved that will be included in LUTE Welcome orientation. (more info soon)
  5. The Student Activities Fair, now the LUTE Engagement Fair will still be occurring. We are currently exploring virtual and in person options and will share information on how you can be involved in August.


President Allan Belton put a moratorium on university spending, which does apply to clubs. We are asking that all clubs that are wanting to spend money to consider/work through the below questions.  **There is no guarantee that non-essential spending will be reimbursed**

  1. Does your club have plans to spend any money in the next month? If yes, what is it for, and is it absolutely essential?
  2. If it is deemed essential, was this an expense that was already planned & budgeted for?
  3. Does your club have the funding set aside for this expense, and if shipping is required- how/who will that be managed, AND does your club have the funding to pay for all required shipping?
  4. Lastly, does your club have any outstanding reimbursement requests? If so, they need to be sent to Kassi McNeilly- kmcneilly@plu.edu as soon as possible, and no later than May 8. (legible copies of ALL itemized receipts are required for reimbursements)
  5. Before spending any money, please email Kassi McNeilly- kmcneilly@plu.edu for a check in on your budget.

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