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As you all know we have transitioned to Distance Learning, we will be updating our website weekly with important information relevant to Clubs and Orgs. We are still here for you all, if you have any questions or concerns email us at clubs@plu.edu.


  1. All on-campus events have been canceled for the remainder of the academic year.
  2.  We are still accepting nominations for the Student Life leadership award. Nominate awesome student leaders here!!!
  3. It is transition reports time, we know these can be overwhelming, here is a Club Transition Report template you can copy and edit to create your Club transition report.

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We’ve made managing your club easy. Instead of having to search through several different documents, now you can just explore the club listings, check out how to manage your account, how to program, and how to advertise, all from this web site. Be sure to also check back here throughout the year for updates and changes in information and policy.

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Every year the Student Engagement office recognize the outstanding contributions of student clubs or organizations to the PLU and Parkland communities.

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