Start a club. Become a leader.

Five easy steps.

Step 1: File a Petition

File a petition for formal recognition to the office of Student Engagement with signatures from 10 club members.

Keep in mind:

  • Check our current club listings and make sure there’s not already a club similar to your idea.
  • You may not have a club for commercial purposes or primarily for the financial benefit of an external corporation or organization will not be recognized.
  • Proposed groups that are formed for the purpose of sponsoring a singular campus event generally will not be recognized.
  • For more information, visit our Clubs and Organizations Handbook.

Step 2: Write Your Club Constitution

All clubs need a written constitution. Click the link below for a sample constitution. It doesn’t have to be an exact replica, but must include all sections present.

  • All honor societies must receive written approval from the department with which they are affiliated and submit the constitution to the office for Student Engagement. You can also email it to
  • Once a club/organization-specific constitution is submitted, Student Engagement will review it and ask you to make changes as necessary.

Step 3: Complete an Advisor Agreement

All clubs need to have an advisor.  This person can be any facility of PLU.  Once an advisor is found, the club plus the advisor need to complete the Advisor Agreement form below.

Step 4: Register Your Club Online

Once you’ve submitted your constitution to Student Engagement and they’ve approved it, you can register your club here. This form is also found under the “Documents and Forms” link.

Congratulations! You have officially created a club! Here’s a few other logistics you need to complete:

  1. Create an google group account for your club. The form can be found here.
  2. Schedule a club training with the Clubs and Orgs Interns. (available on step 5)
  3. We send out a biweekly newsletter to all the clubs and organizations on campus. If you would like your events featured there, as well as on our Facebook page, email us and we will write a blurb for you!

Step 5: Schedule a Club Training

To schedule a club training with the Clubs and Organizations Interns, click the button below and select an appointment slot that is available for your schedule. This will update your personal Google Calendar and the Clubs and Orgs Google Calendar.

Request Google Group

As a new club, you will need to register for an google group account. This will allow you to have your own club email address to contact members, receive updates from the Clubs and Orgs Interns, and organize documents . Please complete the Request Google Group Account for Club/Organization form under the Starting a Club section in our Documents and Forms section (click the button below to get there).

Lockers in AUC 140

If you have questions about or would like a locker, please contact the clubs and orgs interns at

Need a Gift Account

Student clubs and organizations may now receive support from alumni and private contributors, as well as corporate donations.  Through this account, PLU can now accept tax-deductible contributions from donors on behalf of the student club/organization. To create a Gift Account fill out the paperwork in the link below.

CAVE Training

CAVE trainings will need to be taken for clubs planning on using the CAVE on a regular basis. To schedule a training, click on the button below, select an appointment slot, and add CAVE training to the description.

I've officially started a club! What next?

Check out our resources on event planning, finance, and advertising!


Learn about event planning, club collaboration, making reservations, showing films at PLU, and travel guidelines.


Learn about club finances, record keeping, funding sources, fundraising policy, and financial transactions.


Learn about advertising strategies, posting policies, and club website.


Learn about resources provided by the Club House, how to use your advisor, and Google Group account for club.