The Religious and Spiritual Clubs and Organizations on campus allow for personal development as well as exploration of the world and beyond. These clubs and organizations are great if you are looking for like-minded individuals to grow with while immersing yourself in positively impacting the community.

NameDescriptionAdvisorEmailMeeting Times
AbsoLute Christian FellowshipAbsoLUTE Christian Fellowship is a club that meets to discuss the Bible and to create meaningful friendships! Our goal is to see God's name glorified! This group can be for Christians who are looking for meaningful fellowship, but it is also for people who interested in learning more about what the Bible is! Everyone is welcome to join!Sarah Daggettabsolute.christian.fellowship@gmail.comOnce a week on Thursdays from 7 PM-8 PM
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)FCA is a place for athletes to meet and take a moment away from our busy schedules managing practices, games, and classes to reflect on the meaning of God in our life and through sports. We are a community of athletes who love the Lord and want to grow in fellowship and become connected within our community and on campus.Spencer Cracechloe.benson@plu.eduEvery Thursday from 7 PM-8 PM
InterVarsityPLU InterVarsity is a group of students seeking to grow together in authentic community through examining and exploring the intersection of faith and life. Though the group is a Christian group, students definitely do not need to identify as Christian or religious person to join! We host regular community events, in addition to weekly bible studies! Come to an event to learn more!Karen Travispluintervarsity@gmail.comMonday and Wednesday each week from 7 PM-9 PM

*Both days go over the same Bible study content, so feel free to choose what works best for you!
Young Life CollegeYoung Life College build relationships with college students, showing up in their lives daily and offering weekly events, small groups, trips, and service opportunities, ultimately inviting students to take their next steps in following Jesus.Lynn Tuckercollegetacomayl@gmail.comOnce a week

Senior Girls: Monday from 8 PM-9 PM
Men's Small Group: Tuesday from 2 PM-3 PM
Freshman Girls: Wednesday from 2 PM- 3PM
Sophomores/Juniors: Thursday from 6 PM-7 PM
Young Life College: Thursday from 7 PM- 8 PM