General Interest

The General Interest Clubs and Organizations are designed for the students looking to engage in their hobbies and interests with other individuals and explore their passion in depth. These clubs and organizations are great for you if you have a more niche hobby or passion and are looking to connect with others while developing skills that can be used throughout life.

NameDescriptionAdvisorEmailMeeting Times
Anime ClubWe, the Anime Club will watch Japanese animations for the purpose of entertainment. We intend to get to know our peers that share an interest in this storytelling medium through activities such as arts and crafts, icebreakers, games, and more. We will share our thoughts, feelings, and interpretations of anime in group discussions as well as get together virtually and off-campus to engage in our common interests.Spencer Ebbingaanimeclubplu@gmail.comEvery Monday at 6:30 PM
Computer Science ClubPLU CS Club is a community for computer science students, or anyone interested in computer science, to collaborate on projects, practice interview questions, and make connections with students that have the same interests.David
Cutter's CubingCutter’s Cubing Club is a recreational club that creates an opportunity for PLU students to learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube in an easy-to-follow manner. Whether you’re casually or competitively interested in the cube, check out our website,, to learn more.Jeff Caleychristian.cutter@plu.eduEvery Friday from 4 PM- 6 PM. Typically meet in ADMN 204B.
Planeswalkers SocietyA club for playing Magic the Gathering. We play all formats that have people who want to play a specific format, our favorite being Commander. We also will host tournaments and drafts, including drafting new sets that will come out. All skill levels are invited, even people who don't know how to playJeff Caleydstanley@plu.edu2 times a week on Sundays and Wednesdays from 6 PM- 9 PM.
PLU Gamer's GuildErik Hammerstromplugg@plu.eduSaturday or Sunday once a week from 1 PM- 4 PM
PLU Investment ClubSince our founding in 1982 by a $25,000 grant by Mary Lund Davis, we have grown to manage over $190,000. We are run by a group of elected students, who hold weekly meetings and facilitate discussions. RIF provides a great opportunity for students to gain exposure to topics and careers in finance, market discussions, and financial modeling early on in their education.Sailu
PLU Video Game ClubA club where people can get together and enjoy video games! Smash Tourneys, Mario Kart, co-op games, you name it!Hunter Hobbsgibbsss@plu.eduInactive for the spring semester
Regents' Investment FundThe Regents' Investment Fund is a student organization that aims to give students hands-on experience in investing real money. Currently, our fund consists of a well-diversified portfolio of about $280,000. You can expect a group of students with diverse backgrounds and fields of study seeking to further their understanding of the world of investments.Sailu
The Firm LogisticsEnsure that PLU ROTC logistics stay clean and up to update and is ready for any operations.James Starkkperfiliev@plu.eduTuesday or Wednesday every week from 10 AM- 12PM