Wang Center for Global Education

Welcome to the Wang Center

Educating to achieve a just, healthy, sustainable and peaceful world, both locally and globally.

The Mission of the Wang Center for Global Education:

  • Support and strengthen the university’s internationally-focused academic programs.
  • Coordinate and advance the university’s study away offerings, expanding student opportunities and participation.
  • Offer public education including symposia and publications.
  • Promote and leverage the university’s global and intercultural distinctions through partnerships, community outreach, consortia, and grant activities.
  • Grow into a dynamic research institute bringing faculty and students together for the exploration of global issues and peacemaking.

Upcoming Events

Ekphrastic Assimilations: Finding Poetry in Art

WordImage symposium, funded by Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation

October 28, Pacific Lutheran University (Karen Hille Philips Center foyer) 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

This 10/28/16 event at PLU is one piece of a larger project that Paul Manfredi, PLU Professor of Chinese Studies was instrumental in creating. Ekphrastic Assimilations is a months-long project culminating in an exhibition of painting, photography and mixed-media visual art by six Chinese and six Washington State artists. The exhibition will take place at VALA Art Center in Redmond, WA between September 15 and October 30, 2016 in conjunction with ryan james fine arts in Kirkland, WA. Preceding the exhibition was a period of artistic exchange among the six artists in China, the six artists in Washington, as well a poets from both locations.


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