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Educating to achieve a just, healthy, sustainable and peaceful world, both locally and globally.

The Mission of the Wang Center for Global and Community Engaged Education:

Working collaboratively with academic units and disciplines of Pacific Lutheran University, the Wang Center is dedicated to supporting faculty, students and staff with the resources necessary to advance PLU’s distinction and vision for global education of “educating to achieve a just, healthy, sustainable and peaceful world” through faculty development and grant opportunities, delivery of study away programs, on-campus programming on pressing world issues, and a commitment to best practices when engaging with education partners, both locally and globally.

PLU is a globally focused university that remains committed to providing high quality study away programs as a high-impact experiential practice that enhances students’ capacity for critical thought, written and verbal expression, intercultural communication, as well as their knowledge about the interconnectedness of the world through the exploration of links between classroom learning and community settings at home and abroad.

2022 Study Away Video Contest Winner!

Congratulations to this year’s Wang Center Video Contest winner, Casandra Hebert! Make sure to check out her winning video, “The 5 F’s of Studying Away at PLU” below.

The 5 F’s of Studying Away are Friends, Food, Faculty, Fun, and Furry Friends. I have found from my time abroad in Greece, it is these things that make PLU’s study away programs so special. The friendships made over the span of a few weeks are ones that I will cherish forever. The food that we consumed and connected over was something so unique. Featured in the video is Kekkos Cafe. Kekkos is a small cafe in Athens, Greece run by a man named Demetrius (featured in the video). During my first time visiting Kekkos, I turned around and found a PLU flag sitting on a table. It blew my mind that PLU has made an impact across the world in a small cafe in Greece. Demetrius is a kind man who taught us Greek, gave us so many delicious Greek pastries and cookies, and became a friend to us all. He has seen many PLU students come through his doors and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to connect with him. Demetrius would learn everyone’s names and he also gave our entire class Kekkos t-shirts! In my study away trip I also found Dr. Finitsis to be one of the best professors I have ever had. He has an amazing way of caring about and connecting with students, challenging us, and making us laugh. He is what makes PLU feel like home. I also included “Fun” and “Furry Friends” in my video because I think we need to remember the value in connection and community. Visiting the miniature horses of Rhodes was such a fun, unique experience that I don’t think I would have gained without studying away with PLU. Studying away can sometimes feel complicated and it can be hard to summarize such an adventure, but I found that my experience could be encompassed by five (alliterative) words.

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