Globally-Focused University

Global and intercultural education is one of the primary focal points of the academic program at Pacific Lutheran University.

PLU is among the most internationally active schools in the nation, offering programs that will help students:

  • Be aware of their own place and culture in the world, and understand the interrelation of socio-political, economic, scientific, cultural, religious, and linguistic facets of human life
  • Be sensitive to the historical, multinational, religious, and social roots of diverse cultures, and learn to value and promote global harmony and diplomacy
  • Be curious about other cultures and work to understand them through experiences within those cultures
  • Develop skills for navigating in a globally interconnected world by taking on- and off-campus courses that incorporate global and intercultural dimensions, and by attaining proficiency in a second language

Committed to educate for a just, healthy, sustainable, and peaceful world, PLU weaves global education through almost every aspect of a student’s study. World events shape our lives, and PLU’s curriculum reflects that reality. As a result, students will graduate well prepared for graduate study or a career with a global focus.

Katie Martell & John Struzenberg working on a video about sustainability & study away. Photo by John Froschauer
Katie Martell & John Struzenberg working on a video about sustainability & study away. Photo by John Froschauer

Study Abroad Ranking

PLU regularly places among the top ten Master’s degree universities in the United States for percentage of students engaged in international study.

Global Scholarship and Faculty/Staff Development

As of May 2014, 100 PLU graduates have received Fulbright scholarships for post-graduate study and research abroad since 1975 in addition to several other international scholarships.

Awards, Recognition and Grant Support

PLU and the Wang Center have received several awards and recognitions as well as more than $5.5 million in grant funding in support of excellence in global education.

Global Education On-Campus

In addition to a wide variety of study away programs, PLU has several academic departments and programs offering on-campus global education.