Global Opportunities for PLU Faculty

A hallmark of PLU’s global education profile is the high level of participation of its faculty. To sustain this level of participation, the Wang Center is committed to supporting faculty through research grant activities, study away program leadership opportunities, collaboration on co-curricular programming, and resources for the development and implementation of high-impact teaching opportunities such as study away course offerings, experiential learning courses, and faculty-student research both locally and globally. For more information, please see below or contact Tamara Williams, Executive Director Wang Center for Global and Community Engaged Education at, or Megan Grover, Associate Director of Study Away and Semester Program Manager at

The Curricular Development Grant is available to support prospective faculty leaders with their travel in order to explore possibilities for establishing new programs! Learn more about the Curricular Development Grant here. 

Become a Gateway Program Director for a program in one of the following locations: China, England, Mexico, Norway, Trinidad and Tobago, and Namibia! Learn more about the Gateway Program Director position here.

Serve as a Gateway Site Director in one of the following locations: China, England, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, and Namibia! Learn more about the site director position here.

The Global Education Committee serves as an advisory committee for the Wang Center for Global Education. Learn more about the GEC here.

IES IES Abroad is a non-profit consortium that has offered study abroad experiences for students for over 50 years. PLU has belonged to the consortium for decades.
• Faculty Development Seminars – Each year, IES Abroad offers faculty seminars for consortium members. To learn more, please visit the IES Abroad website at:
• Site Visits/Familiarization Trips – IES Abroad welcomes faculty and staff for short visits (1-2 days) at their Study Centers around the world. The visits provide an opportunity to meet Center staff, view the facilities and observe classes to gain a better understanding of the Center, its team and the way it operates. Small grants are available and are usually used in conjunction with an individual already being in country, e.g. conducting research, presenting a paper, attending a conference, etc. If you are interested an IES site, please notify Meredith Forrey ( as a Visit Request Form is required.

• DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia – As a Partner Institution of DIS, PLU faculty are invited to apply to teach an upper division 3-credit course for a semester at DIS in Copenhagen, Denmark. In return, DIS will provide: Compensation equivalent to Danish faculty salary for teaching a 3-credit course, round-trip airfare, housing stipend, and more. Full Information about DIS teaching opportunities can be found at

SIT Study Abroad (The School for International Training) SIT’s Faculty Engagement Seminars Abroad offer each participant the opportunity to become deeply engaged in a topic through lectures, site visits, and connections to local academics, researchers, and other knowledge sources. Some seminars will include hands-on field work. Participants can expect to examine topics through multiple rich and nuanced perspectives, benefiting from SIT Study Abroad’s experiential learning approach.

• School for Field Studies –  Since 1980, the School for Field Studies (SFS) has been teaching students to address critical environmental problems using an interdisciplinary, experiential approach to education. Students on SFS programs study at research stations in Costa Rica, Turks and Caicos, Australia, New Zealand, Panama and Bhutan examining the interdependent cultural, economic, and ecological aspects of real-world problems.
• Visiting Research Program- SFS welcomes visiting faculty to teach or conduct research at any of their field stations. No salary is paid, but support for room and board and/or use of facilities may be offered in exchange for research collaboration or guest lecturing.

Fulbright Awards – For information regarding Fulbright teaching/research awards, please contact Bridget Yaden ( or ext. 7283)

Host an International Scholar or Visitor

Interested in becoming a program assistant for one of our short-term programs? Learn more about this opportunity here!

The Wang Center Research Grant Program is designed to support students, faculty, and faculty-student teams that seek to conduct original research in an international setting! Learn more about the Wang Research Grant here. 

Award for Academic Achievement Abroad

Nominate a student through The Forum on Education Abroad.

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