Gateway Program Director

A Gateway Program Director has ongoing responsibility for monitoring the philosophical, cultural, and pedagogical design, as well as the academic integrity of a PLU-operated semester-long study away experience in one of the following locations: China, England, Mexico, Norway, Trinidad and Tobago, and Namibia. The term of the directorship is at least three years with a possibility of renewal. Some programs (China, Mexico, Namibia, Trinidad and Tobago, England) carry a course release. All Program Director appointments are contingent on approval of the applicant’s chair, dean, and the provost. Currently, the Wang Center anticipates openings of Gateway Program Directors in two locations beginning as early as fall semester 2023: Namibia and Trinidad and Tobago. For additional information on PLU’s Gateway Programs, see HERE. For more information on the position and application procedures, please contact Dr. Tamara R. Williams, Executive Director of the Wang Center, at

Position Descriptions

Program Director Responsibilities (Except Norway programs)

Program Director Responsibilities (Norway programs only)