Semester/Full-Year Study Away

Get the biggest bang for your buck! Studying Away on a PLU Gateway, Featured or Approved semester program, you get to use financial aid, PLU gift aid and scholarships while earning PLU credit toward your degree. Program costs are comparable to being at PLU, plus there are study abroad scholarships available.

PLU Gateway Semester Programs

PLU Gateway and Featured programs cost the PLU comprehensive fee (tuition, room and board) and include the PLU credit earned, lodging, meals, study tours, visa fees, emergency medical insurance and a $750 flight credit. These programs are also Global Scholar Award eligible.

Monument in Chengdu, ChinaChengdu, ChinaFall or Full Year

Chinese, Chinese Studies, Business, Political Science, History, GenEd, Internship | Open to all majors and language levels, students take courses at Sichuan University in Chengdu, China. No previous language required. Internship option

Oaxaca, Mexico - student sitting on rockOaxaca, Mexico Fall

Spanish, Hispanic Studies,  Anthropology, History, Art, Natural Sciences, GenEd, Internship | This program explores the intersection of development, culture, and social change through the lens of the dynamic context of contemporary Mexico. Courses taught in Spanish, 4-5 college semesters of Spanish required.

Trinidad & Tobago - Caribbean flowerTrinidad & Tobago – CaribbeanSpring

Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, Natural Sciences, GenEd, Internship | This program provides students a unique opportunity to explore the islands and the varied heritage of this multicultural society. Open to all majors; courses taught in English.

kayaking in Telemark, NorwayOslo, NorwayFall | Political Science, Global Studies, Peace & Conflict

Telemark, Norway Fall, Spring, or Full Year | Nordic Studies, Business, Biology, Environmental Studies, Kinesiology, Gen Ed

Vestfold, NorwayFall | Kinesiology

Oxford buildingsIHON-Oxford Fall or Spring

IHON, Multidisciplinary | PLU International Honors Program in Oxford, England. Program participants — drawn from PLU’s IHON Program—pursue individualized courses of study in tutorials with Oxford scholars, while also exploring place-based learning with a PLU faculty member.

Windhoek, Namibia tree and sand dunesWindhoek, NamibiaSpring

Education, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Internship | This English-speaking country provides an ideal location for students in Education, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences to study at the University of Namibia and gain necessary work experience through an internship and practicum. No language prerequisite.

Featured Semester Programs

PLU Featured Programs are programs that PLU helped to develop and are therefore treated as PLU programs. Although their administration is now outside of PLU, their approach is in line with our mission and featuring these programs honors our history with these programs.

Night picture of Thames river in LondonLondon, EnglandFall or Spring

Liberal Arts, Communication, GenEd, Internship | This program, offered through Global Education Oregon focuses on the Liberal Arts, such as Art, English, Theater and Political Science. COMA offered in Spring. Students live with host families and can study in fall or spring. Internship option.

inside a Granada buildingGranada, SpainFall or Spring

Spanish language, Hispanic Studies, History, Literature, GenEd, Internship | This program, offered through the ILACA Consortium, focuses on language study; a minimum of four semesters of college-level Spanish is required. Students live with host families and can study in fall or spring.

Provence, FranceProvence, France in the summerFall, Spring, or Full Year

French language, International Relations, Business, Social Sciences, Humanities, GenEd This program, offered through the Institute for American Universities, focuses on French language and culture, international relations & business, fine arts, humanities, and social sciences. Classes taught in English and French. Students live with host families and may attend fall, spring, or academic year.

PLU Approved Semester Programs

PLU Approved ProgramsWaterfront picture of city

A PLU Approved Program is a study away summer, semester, or year-long program that is offered by another study away organization or institution and are recommended to students who are unable to find a program that fits their needs among the PLU Gateway or Featured programs. These programs cost the listed program fee on the provider’s website plus a $1,500 admin fee. This covers the PLU credit earned, lodging, study tours (as applicable), emergency medical insurance, and sometimes meals. Program costs are generally comparable to PLU’s comprehensive fee.  Just like PLU Gateway/Featured programs, financial aid & scholarships may be used to cover the program fee. Be sure to apply for program-specific scholarships.

Earthdeeds Carbon Conscious Certification logoLearn how PLU is partnering with Earth Deeds to increase the environmental sustainability of our study away programs.