Peace Corps Prep Application Cycle

2024-2025 application opens – September 2024

1st deadline – 10/15 (applications received by this date will be reviewed for acceptance)

2nd deadline – 3/15 (applications received by this date will be reviewed for acceptance)

Rolling admission until 5/23/2025

Peace Corps Prep

Peace Corps Prep (PC Prep) is an undergraduate certificate program that helps students prepare for service in the Peace Corps, a US-government organization that sends US citizens abroad to volunteer for two-years in over 60 countries. The PC Prep Program is also an exciting chance to help you develop a global perspective and connect with like-minded students. While completing Peace Corps Prep does not guarantee admission into the Peace Corps, students who complete the certificate have a real advantage as it ensures that they have the experience and education that Peace Corps is looking for in volunteers. Obtaining the certificate will also help prepare you for other international and domestic service, as well as nonprofit and service-oriented professions.

If you decide to enroll in PC Prep program, you’ll first select the Peace Corps sector in which you would like to serve: Education, Health, Environment, Agriculture, Youth in Development, and Community Economic Development. Then you’ll complete the following components (for more specifics see the Student Guide):

  • Sector specific courses: You will take three courses that relate to your sector. These will help make sure that you are knowledgeable and prepared to do your assigned work in the Peace Corps!

  • Sector specific hands-on experience: You will work to make sure that you get 50 hours of experience that is directly related to your Peace Corps sector. This can be in the form of an internship, work experience, or volunteer project and will help prepare you for your service.
  • Language component: You will need to take at least one language course at PLU or demonstrate equivalent proficiency. This will ensure that you have the skills you need to start communicating in a place where English is likely not the national language.
  • Intercultural competence: You will take three courses that relate to global diversity and world cultures. This will prepare you to interact with the people you serve in a thoughtful, educated way.
  • Professional and leadership development: This component involves having Alumni and Student Connections help you with your resume and interview preparation, as well as getting some leadership experience in an activity of your choice. This will help prepare you for your interview as well as demonstrate that you have the kind of leadership experience that volunteers need.

You may have already completed some of the above components. If so, that’s great! Those can count towards your certificate. For more details about the program, see the Student Guide.

This program is supported by the Wang Center for Global and Community Engaged Education, the Center for Community Engagement and Service, and the Global Education Committee.

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