Mailing: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the delivery and pickup times on campus?

9:00 am to Noon

One delivery a day, time of delivery and pick-up will vary according to daily mail volumes and building sequencing within the routes.

10:30 am to Noon (depending on package volumes)

Packages delivered to residential halls

1:00 pm

Departmental packages

2:45 pm

An outgoing mail box is provided in the Business Office and Hospitality Services in the AUC. Staff, Faculty and student workers can bring their mail directly to the customer service counter at Marketing & Communications on lower campus (Bldg 29) before 3:00pm for mailing.

Campus mail picked up during the morning run is processed and delivered the following morning between 9:15 am noon.

How is bulk mailing & shipping handled?

The Mailing & Shipping Group assists departments in coordinating and scheduling of bulk or vended mailings; scheduling the drop date according to the requested due date with selected vended services.

All UPS, FedEx, ground, overnight and international shipments must be accompanied by a Mail Services, shipping and receiving service request form, available to download and print out here or by calling 253-535-7436.

What are the mailing deadlines?

For same-day processing, mail must be received by customer service by these deadlines:

First-class mail: 3:00 pm
UPS: 10:30 am
FedEx Ground: 10:30 am

Mail received after the deadlines will be mailed out the next business day.

Are there special rules for international mailings?

When sending international documents or parcels, please be specific on content information (e.g., “transcripts,” “applications”) using the word “documents” is not specific enough for the carriers.

International parcels and flats being sent via United States Postal Service that weigh over one pound and under three pounds must be accompanied by a Senders Customs Declaration form (PS2976). International parcels weighing over 3 pounds must be accompanied by a Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note (PS 2976-A).

The Declarations form will also ask for description of what’s in package and cost of each item.

Will Mailing & Shipping handle my personal mailing needs?

Mailing & Shipping provides personal mail and package service – including U.S. Postal Service, UPS and FedEx – to the campus community.

Sending Personal Mail
To send personal mail and packages from campus, bring sealed mail or customer prepared packages to the customer service desk at Marketing & Communications and be prepared to pay the postage or shipping charges. Mail services cannot prepare packages due to liability and does not stock mailing material for packaging. Cash or checks are accepted. Please do not send personal mail, packages, or checks through campus mail due to liability and security concerns.

Receiving Personal Mail
University offices, departments, employees and students living in the residence halls may receive mail and packages delivered by Mail Services. However, employees’ personal oversized packages are not delivered. They must be picked up at the customer service desk at Marketing & Communications.

All printed university stationery and envelopes are for Pacific Lutheran University businesses only. These materials must not be used for personal or non-business use.

Personal mailings through Mail Services for other organizations and businesses is discouraged.

What is eligible to be mailed by USPS First-Class Mail?

Any mailable item may be mailed as first-class mail. Packages require a completed shipping and receiving request form.

What common items am I not allowed to mail?

Hazardous material

Restricted material

Perishable material

These require special processing forms and you may be required to go directly to a shipping company i.e. USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

What are the different options I have in mail delivery?

All packages sent to Pacific Lutheran University by USPS (U.S. Postal Service), UPS (United Postal Services), and FedEx (Federal Express) are received at PLU Marketing & Communications Mail Services. Our Mail Services staff sort and deliver the mail to all offices, departments, and residential halls on a daily basis.

To Receive Mail at Pacific Lutheran University

A complete mailing address should be used. Some components of your address will help the U.S. Post Office, UPS, and FedEx get your mail to Pacific Lutheran University, while other segments will aid the Pacific Lutheran University’s sorting process in the mailroom. (PLU Marketing & Communications Mail Services requires that all mail to students include their residence hall and room number.)


All accountable and non-accountable mail is picked up by PLU Marketing & Communications Mail Services from the U.S. Postal Service on a daily basis.

Accountable packages or letters are those with a unique tracking number with a barcode and affixed by a label. All Certified, Registered, or Insured mail is considered accountable mail, Delivery Confirmation is not accountable. Accountable mail is held in a secured area at the PLU Marketing & Communications Mail Services office, the recipient will receive an email notification that a signature and proof of identification (Student ID) is required to pick up the item.

(It is recommended that classroom textbooks ordered through the online service are sent by UPS or FedEx.)

Non-Accountable Delivery Confirmation packages or letters are those without a unique tracking number or barcode. We strongly recommend that all packages sent through USPS (U.S. Postal Service) is Certified, Registered, or Insured (The USPS does offer a service called Delivery Confirmation, however if you are tracking a non-accountable package or letter and the web site states the package is DELIVERED this simply indicates that the off campus sorting facility or the [Garfield] Post Office station has received the item, not PLU Marketing & Communications Mail Services.)

PLU Marketing & Communications Mail Services picks up the non-accountable mail from the Garfield Post Office and sorts by Residential Hall addresses. However our staff is unable to manifest these items due to non-accountable packages or letters do not have a label attached with a unique tracking number or barcode as stated above. The packages and letters are delivered to the Front Desk Student Workers in the Residential Hall.


Need evidence of mailing? Certified Mail gives the sender evidence of mailing with a dated mailing receipt. It provides a confirmation number to confirm the date and time of delivery or attempted delivery. Delivery is recorded by the U.S. Postal Service. No Insurance coverage is provided with this service. This service can be applied to First-Class and Priority Mail. For an additional fee, Certified Mail may be combined with a RETURN RECEIPT, providing the sender with evidence of delivery with a signature.


Need evidence of delivery? – Return Receipt can be added to Certified Mail to provide the mailer with evidence of delivery. The Return Receipt card must be completed by the mailer and attached to the article at the time of mailing.


Need to know when your mail arrived? – Delivery Confirmation provides a confirmation number to confirm date, time, and zip code of delivery or attempted delivery.


Need to know who accepted your mail? – All the benefits of Delivery Confirmation plus a signature. Signature Confirmation provides a confirmation number to confirm the date, time and location of delivery or attempted delivery. A signature will be required from the person who accepts your package. You can request to have a letter faxed or mailed to you with a copy of the recipient’s signature.


Need to insure your mail?– Insurance coverage is available for First-Class, Priority, Library, and Standard Mail. It provides indemnity coverage for lost, rifled, or damaged articles. PLU is not responsible for reimbursing the sender for the actual value of lost or damages items. The sender needs to submit a claim with the U.S. Postal Service. The U.S Postal Service will reimburse the sender for only the actual value, less depreciation of the lost or damaged article. Poorly packaged items are not eligible for reimbursement. Return receipt service is also available for Insured Mail. PLU Marketing & Communications Mail Services is unable to insure personal letters or packages, this service is offered through the Post Office.


Need to secure your mail?– Registered Mail is the most secure mailing service offered by the U.S. Postal Service. Each article of Registered Mail is monitored as it moves from the point of mailing until delivery. Only First-Class or International Airmail may be registered. Optional postage insurance for registered mail, up to $25,000.00 may be purchased at the time of mailing for domestic addresses. This service is not available for personal packages. Contact PLU Marketing & Communications Mail Services for proper sealing procedures for registered articles.


Packages sent and received through UPS and FedEx are considered accountable mail; in addition they provide a $100.00 insurance minimum. UPS and FedEx Ground and Next Day Air are delivered directly to PLU Marketing & Communications Mail Service on a daily basis, the package tracking numbers and name of sender are manifested and then delivered to the Front Desk Student Workers in the Residential Halls.

How is Standard Mail (Formerly 3rd Class Bulk ) & Non-Profit handled?

Departments can reduce the cost of their larger mailings by sending their mail under the university’s non-profit bulk mail permit. To mail under the permit, there must be a minimum of 200 pieces of mail. All pieces must be identical and bear the university’s non-profit permit indicia on the upper right-hand corner. In addition, all pieces must be printed matter, have the same weight and size and be pre-sorted into a specific zip code order.

The design of any printing on the face of the mailing must adhere to strict USPS format guidelines. The USPS may deny postage discounts or even reject the mailing if these guidelines are not observed. Since there are many guidelines, we suggest that you contact Mail Services at the beginning of your design process.

Standard mail is not designed for time-sensitive mailings. Mail pieces bearing the non-profit permit normally take from three to seven days longer for delivery than first-class mail. If your mail piece contains time-sensitive material, it is suggested that you mail it at a first-class rate. (Example of delivery time to New York using a non-profit permit is 10 to 14 days.)

The university is authorized to only mail its own mail under its special non-profit bulk permit. The university cannot delegate or lend the use of this permit to any other person or organization. The contents of the bulk mailing cannot contain symbols, trademarks, coupons or advertisements that provide a direct benefit to non-university persons or organizations.

How are large or specialized mailings handled?

Before producing a large or specialized mailing, include Mail Services staff in your planning to ensure your mailing is timely and cost effective. Advanced notice is required to effectively handle and process large or specialized mailings consisting of 1,000 pieces or more. At least 72-hour advanced notice is needed for a large mailing to ensure sufficient postage is on deposit.