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PLU Online

Online Learning at Pacific Lutheran University

Pacific Lutheran University has a strong history of providing students with an exceptional learning experience. Yet across the world, higher education is enveloped in transformation, with technology innovation increasingly influencing the process of teaching and learning. As PLU moves into the future, it is possible to embrace the new while remaining grounded in the University’s history and values.

Online and blended programs for undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education students extend the university’s mission beyond campus borders, providing high-quality options that meet a variety of student needs while fostering strong student-faculty relationships and learning communities. Use this website to learn more about online offerings, training for faculty, and whether online and blended learning are right for you.


Undergraduate academic courses offered online during Summer Sessions run at a reduced rate of $390 per credit hour, but are still prepared and delivered by high-quality, PLU faculty. Online continuing education and professional development courses offer budget-friendly ways to meet credentialing requirements or add new skills to your resume.


To help degree-seeking students fulfill general education and degree requirements to graduate on-time, PLU’s Summer Sessions offers a variety of online courses across disciplines. Online and blended continuing education courses allow educators and healthcare professionals to meet their certification requirements with reduced impact on the rest of their lives.


Do work or family responsibilities interfere with your ability to come to campus for class? Taking a job or internship out of town for the summer? Online and blended courses extend the PLU learning experience beyond the confines of campus and offer schedule flexibility. And even students living and working nearby can benefit from the independent, individualized, technology-rich learning experiences that blended and online courses offer.

Sampling of Online and Blended Courses
Course Title
BUSA 305 Behavior in Organizations
COMA 495 Internship
COMA 399 Career Exploration
CSCI 115 Solve It With Computers MR,NS
EDUC 951 Program Models for Diverse Stu
EDUC 979 Issues Inclusive Differentiati
EDUC 978 School Law
EDUC 976 Personnel Development
EDUC 982 Instructional Leadership I
EDUC 954 Scaffolding Content Instruct
EDUC 953 Language Acquisition Fndts
EDUC 952 Cultural/Linguistic Pedagogy
EDUC 905 Pedagogy Assessment
EDUC 950 Intro to Bilingual/ESL Ed
ENGL 398A Studies Lit / Body LT, C
ENGL 241 American Traditions in Lit LT
HISP 101 Elementary Spanish
HISP 102 Elementary Spanish
HISP 101 Elementary Spanish
HIST 388 ST:Early West Civilizations SO
LATN 111 Elementary Latin
LATN 112 Elementary Latin
MUSI 120 Music and Culture AR,C
MUSI 101 Introduction to Music AR
PHIL 125 Ethics and the Good Life PH
PHIL 125 Ethics and the Good Life PH
PLUS 320 Effective Tutoring Methods
PSYC 101 Intro to Psychology SO
RELI 229 Christian Health & Healing RC
RELI 229 Christian Health & Healing RC
SOCI 101 Intro to Sociology A, SO
SPED 911 Students Developmental Disabil
SPED 912 Collaboration & Team Building
SPED 912 Collaboration & Team Building
SPED 914 Educ Proce for Mild Disabiliti
SPED 916 Early Childhood Education
SPED 917 Low Incidence Disabilities
SPED 915 Emotional/Behavioral Disorders
SPED 921 Students with Autism
THEA 160 Intro to Theatre AR
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