How to Be Successful

Study skills for online learning

Online learning requires students to become masters of time management. Students complete online lessons and activities independently according to deadlines established by the instructor. During a compressed term schedule, it is easy to fall behind. Many online students find it helpful to review all of the work due each week and then create a plan for when they will complete each task on their list. Successful online students also remember they are not alone when learning at a distance. Engaging in opportunities to interact with peers and the course instructor will ensure students are getting the full PLU learning experience.

Technology skills for online learning

You don’t need to be majoring in computer science to take an online course! The technologies used in an online course will vary, and instructors will notify students if special software or tools are needed. Generally, students should have reliable access to a computer and internet connection. Mobile devices might be more challenging for accessing course sites and learning tools. All PLU online courses are administered through the Sakai Learning Management System. Students should be able to use Sakai tools, Google Apps like Gmail and Hangouts, and other basic software for word processing and presentations.  

Online learning videos