Faculty support for teaching online at PLU

Online learning opportunities at PLU extend the university’s mission beyond campus borders, providing high-quality options that meet a variety of student needs while fostering strong student-faculty relationships and learning communities.

Why Online and Blended Learning?

PLU 2020 challenges the University to explore new instructional strategies and support the use of technology in the academic environment. Specifically:

“The University should strengthen means and methods for supporting faculty as they work to improve current academic programs, and should encourage faculty to explore the development of new curricular and pedagogical ideas and innovations” (p. 34).

“The University should broaden its ongoing efforts to support the evolving use of technology in our academic, co-curricular, and living, learning and work environments” (p. 35).

PLU has officially offered blended courses since fall 2014 and online courses since summer 2015. Online courses are offered to traditional students during summer and Jterm, while blended courses can be offered during any term. 

Learning & Development

Workshops, programs, and resources are available to support faculty interested in exploring technology and online learning options.

Whether you’re interested in learning how to use Sakai LMS tools or interested in designing a fully online course, PLU has opportunities for you to develop online teaching skills.


Exploring online instructional methods can reinvigorate faculty’s teaching practice and increase confidence with online teaching tools like Sakai.

Online and blended courses allow greater schedule flexibility for students and instructors to complete research, travel, or balance family needs.

Distance education courses also provide an opportunity to bring the PLU learning experience, mission, and values to a wider audience of students.

Support & Resources


Several departments and groups on campus provide support for faculty interested in exploring online teaching technologies. Email online@plu.edu and we will contact the support team best suited to your needs.