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Students and alumni can use PLU’s Opportunities Board to find jobs on and off campus. Upload your resume and start your search.

Get Advice

Learn how to write a resume and cover letter or practice interviewing for a job by meeting with a career advisor in Alumni & Student Connections.

State Work Study

Find an off-campus State Work Study job. Get hands-on training and relevant job experience working in diverse employment settings.

8 Things to Know about Student Employment

Student work is common and encouraged; employment contributes to academic success

PLU’s culture supports students to work while in school and most Lutes get jobs while attending PLU. Students who work are more likely to graduate and have higher grades. Having a job can help students establish good habits and expands a student’s support network. Supervisors at PLU help students balance work and school schedules by being flexible and prioritizing a student’s academics.

You will need to bring your passport, social security card, or birth certificate to campus

In order to work for PLU, you will need to fill out an I-9, which requires us to see proof that you are a US Citizen or that you have work authorization. The most common forms of proof are a passport, social security card, or birth certificate. We cannot accept copies, scans, photos, or expired documents and a driver’s license is not sufficient. If you do not bring the required documents for List A or List C to campus, you will not be able to work for PLU until it is mailed to you.

Not working during college can limit your career prospects

Choosing to not work during college can severely hurt your future job prospects. Many employers are hesitant to hire college grads who don’t have much work experience. We recommend that you begin working your very first year at PLU.

You must be 18 years old and take at least 6 credits to work on campus

Students who are not yet 18 years old may work off campus or apply for on-campus jobs that begin after their 18th birthday. Graduate students are eligible to work on campus when taking at least 4 credits

All on-campus jobs are work study eligible

If you qualify for Work Study, we will automatically code your on-campus job as a Work Study job. Don’t worry, though, you still take home a paycheck when you do Work Study. Learn more about Work Study here.

You do not need Work Study to work on campus

Almost every on-campus job is open to all students, regardless of Work Study eligibility.

You need a resume to apply for on-campus jobs

Schedule an appointment to get help writing a resume. If you already have a resume, advisors will help you take it to the next level. Click on Opportunities Board at to schedule.

Alumni & Student Connections offers career advising appointments

We can help you write a resume, explore career interests, and learn about Work Study options. Log in to the Opportunities Board to schedule a telephonic or in-person appointment with one of our advisors. We are open 9am-4pm M-F. Let us know if you need to meet with someone outside of those times by emailing us at