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Student Employment is a vital part of the Lute experience. Students who work on campus are significantly more likely to persist than their peers. As a supervisor, you are a vital part of your student worker’s community and support network.

  1. Log in to Opportunities Board
  2. On the right side of the page, select Post a Job
  3. Fill out the required fields and submit

New job posts are generally approved by the next business day. Once your job has been posted, PLU students will be able to see the post by logging in with an e-pass. If you have already decided which student(s) to hire, you can hire the student(s) without posting a job.

  1. Log in to the Opportunities Board
  2. On the left side of the page, select Report a Hire
  3. Enter the relevant information and click submit

You must report a hire at least 3 days before the student’s start date. It is your responsibility to discuss employment forms with any student you hire. If the student hasn’t previously worked for PLU, they will need to submit employment forms to Student Employment. The forms are legally required and the student cannot begin working until completing this requirement.

To change a student’s job title, hourly rate, or the account from which a student is paid, please fill out the Status Change Form. You can make changes to job posts by logging in to the Opportunities Board.

Please let us know if a student previously employed in your office ends their job before the date you originally reported by submitting the Student Employment Change Form. Student Employment needs to know any time a student job ends prematurely, whether the student quits, withdraws, graduates, or is fired.


For more information contact us at stuemp@plu.edu 

Email studentjobs@plu.edu to get access to the PLU Opportunities Board and information to get you started.


Learn more about PLU’s policies and guidelines regarding hiring and supervising students.


Have additional questions regarding student employment? Visit our FAQ’s page.

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