• Health Center – Student appointments at the Health Center are free. Students workers can use their WA Paid Sick Leave to cover an absence from work as a result of a planned or urgent visit to the health center.
  • Counseling Center – Did you know that the Counseling Center has walk-in appointments Monday through Friday?
  • Helping Students in Distress – The Counseling Center put together this amazing guide to responding to different kinds of distress that PLU students might be experiencing. We highly recommend that all supervisors read through the guide.
  • VAR – Check out the Active Minds website to learn about this easy-to-learn tool for talking with folks about mental health.
  • Student Care Network – If you’re concerned about a student, you can submit a care form to make sure the student is getting the support they need to succeed.

23-24 Student Worker Payroll Calendar

Student Workers should only work 19 hours a week during the academic year. Please use the Student Worker Payroll Calendar to see how payrolls don’t always match up perfectly during pay weeks. Some pay weeks will cross over two payrolls.